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2nd Half (Super Bargains).

As promised this is the second half on a post and this one is for some exc and affordable decor items.

I have shown you this bed before but at only 8 prims and 30Lds in cost it’s well worth a reblogg and you get a Menu not for nookie but to change the colours of the pillows, blanket and smaller blanket.


This isn’t a big shop and a lot hasn’t changed so the sun loungers than both Faith and I loved are still there and so are a couple of small little freebies but everything here is at a bargain price.


This rocking chair is new and you get a selection of colours in the pack, 5 and also a static and I’m going to presume a rocking one version.  If you check out my last post you will see this is also Mod so I shrank one down to an itty bitty size which is perfect for a doll, child or pet.  Even the full-sized one is low primmed at only 2 prims.


Just before I logged off I decided to pose hop and there are the standard and nice poses but then to my surprise this excellent knitting and embroidery pose.


A nice touch was when you click “yes” to accept and wear the attachments you don’t lose one of your bits ie a hand.

I’ve spotted that there is also a Marketplace shop which does seem to have everything that is for sale in the shop BUT I’m pretty sure that those pretty frilly socks and one of the Windmills is a Freebie in her inworld shop so it’s well worth checking that out.

Naive Design

Naive Design Marketplace Shop

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