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I have pets (inc a Freebie).

I have a few shops in SL, just like RL, which I have a fondness for Follow Us is one of them, Mina’s of course and you will have read me going on about and  Magritta shop Mag<3.B. You just seem to get the feeling that they like to offer moneys worth or just give a little bit of themselves in what they sell so I love it when a notice comes out about new stuff, I love it even more when a notice comes out about new free stuff LOL.

Working from the top down.  I’ve spotted these filly tops in other shops but since I’m a meanie I’ve resisted them hoping that at some stage they would work their way down to either being less pricey or come with as a Fat Pack which makes them a lot more tempting and one thing Margritta does with most of her stuff is both things ie affordable & Fat packs so I now have the top I wanted.XXXpets3

At only 100Lds and a colour Hud which gives you a generous 10 colour options for the frill and 10 for the top a bargain.  All in the same pastel shades and perfect for jeans, skirts and shorts and although were still in the cooler Spring months if you’re a Summer Babe a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Goes without saying that the mesh sizing is just as generous ie all the mesh size, fitmesh and mesh body options.


These shorts are a Freebie.  I just did a post not long ago about CuCu Clothes and I knew there was Freebies that I hadn’t shown you so I dug these purple shorts out of the Freebies I had picked up and I knew they were a perfect colour for this top. I’ll put the Link to the post about the CuCu Hunt item but these shorts and other Freebies are actually on the counter and I do believe they are a gift for all so you don’t even have to be a group member.  The one thing I will say is that these shorts are actually part of the PJ set and they don’t come with an Alpha for just wearing the shorts on their own but most of us have plenty of Alphas in our invent so easy to find one to fit.


Love these pastel boots, again not only a bargain price but again they come with a 10 colour option Hud which allows you to change the shoe, soul, laces and lace holes and again all in the same pastel shades as the top and only 100Ld for all of that.  You do also get small and large boots and a non rigged pair, which means you can edit them for a better fit if you need to.

One of the reasons I adore Mag<3.B is not just because all of her clothes are very reasonable priced and packed with colour options they’ve all turned out to be keepers for me. Apart from a sweater/shirt combo which I accidentally deleted I think I’ve actually kept everything from her shop.  Lots of tights and socks for mesh bodies and cute Kawaii items but not childish or sickly sweet designs.

As always there is all of the old and new GG’s and super cheap bargains filling a corner of her small shop but as I was LM grabbing I noticed a board with some SALE items on it and the Spring Clogs which are one of a pair of shoes I own from here which I use an awful lot and they’re only 30Lds.


CuCu Clothes

CuCu Clothes (Previous post & Freebie)