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Making a decision(Freebies).

I’ve finally made a decision on my new SL home. I change SL homes more than my RL hairstyles, so in these pictures I’m using my new home as a backdrop as it will soon be filled with clutter, clutter and more clutter.  Actually I’ve just had a funny thought as this house is much bigger than the one I have set up now so I could simply rezz it over my existing home and then delete that and just move my decor items into place, only in SL lol.

I did such a quick and simple hunt “Chicken Egg Hunt” yesterday and it was so relaxing but the hunts organised by Fiona Scorfield (and her Minions) are usually so enjoyable because on her blog you not only get the LM’s but also easy Hints and pictures of the prizes so for the hunt hopeless like me it couldn’t be simpler.


Faith might just recognise this home as it’s a classic Scarlet Creative build but of course I snagged this one when it was a Collab88 offer which means it was at a seriously discounted price.


This dress was my first find and it’s the one from Fiscreations (sic).  A simple strapless dress, nice texturing, fit etc.


These sneaker wedges are from the CuCu Clothes shop and I’m pretty sure that I did a post about a great freebie from them not long ago.

This is a  nice little hunt with a mix of clothes and decor

OK not everything will be to your taste BUT I often find that shops involved in one hunt usually have a few going on at the same time and I know the 2 shops I popped into did have more than this one hunt on.  So you may not like the prize for that particular hunt or need it but you never know what other nice surprises there maybe waiting for you.  Also I find a lot of new shops to visit through hunts and in one case, The Shabby Tabby Shop, the shop has been changed and it’s set up in the very same Scarlet Creative house I’m stood in and as I was walking through the shop apart from noticing there is a lot of new stock I was also reminded of how good this house looks and the rest is history.  So the lesson is even if you don’t like the prize in that particular hunt these shops are still well worth a visit.

Fiscreations (LMs, Hints & Pictures).