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This is how I feel!(Freebie).

Urgh I’ve just spent the morning dealing with a Call Centre and paperwork and now I’m finished I’ve finally managed to log inworld and log out of real world and this is how I feel!


On the good side this little find of mine has allowed me to be a bit arty farty with my picture.

Basically I was doing the 25Ld Tuesday and I picked a couple of basic things up but mainly props for my use but when I was in the Sweet Kajira shop I spotted a giant pumpkin which only means one thing, an old Halloween prize and I snagged it.


Rest assured that inworld you can see the details in the veil perfectly well and you get 2 of them in the pack and it was so easy to find a hair that fitted snugly under it and I’ve been after a veil for so long so to get one for free is a bonus.

When you rezz at Sweet Kajira just walk inside and go towards the left, the Pumpkin is so big and orange you can’t really miss it.  There is also a Boob flashing GG’s in another room and upstairs is the 25Ld Tuesday offer and 30Ld Saturday offer and 2 lucky chairs if you want to kill some time.

Sweet Kajira

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