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“I’m on a boat” I wonder how many people will sing that in their heads? (FREEBIES).

There are a couple of things I will always have rezzed on my sim or any SL home I may live in, even if it’s a landlocked mountain, and one of those things is my boat.  The funny thing is in RL I have no desire to go boating but just having a boat even a SL one makes me feel like a rich biatch.


But of course the last thing I am is rich, I maybe a biatch though LOL but I’m at least a “free bitch baby”.

The first freebie is the top which I have to confess comes from an event I’ve not visited for a very long time.  The simple reason was that my one and only fav shape provider, Anna Shapes, always had a stall there and if you’ve ever wondered or drooled over my sexy shape/face then it’s because it’s an Anna Shape.  Unfortunately Analy Amat (yes that’s her name) hasn’t had an inworld shop or even a new shape for many a year now BUT she still has her marketplace shop set up and although she had shapes in the 500-1000Ld range she has 18 priced at only 80Lds and I only have the 80Ld shapes and they’re Mod, which tbh I’ve never ever had to do. So basically if you “wanna be me” then I nearly always wear an Anna Shape and a PumeC skin.

Back to the freebies, this top comes from the Designer Circle which is yet another SL event which is having a Birthday blowout, 5 years,  and on nearly all of the stalls is a pressie waiting to be snagged.  This is the top off the MooH stall and it is excellent and not only exc fit, tex etc but a colour changing Hud is another extra goodie.  If you do go to the Designer Circle to snag all the gifties a lot of them are pretty obviously the gift boxes/bags on the stands but I also noticed a few were more hidden ie click on the cat on the mat and you get a err cat on a mat LOL, adorable and low primmed and if you click on the butterfly on the wall you get a gift.  So just go clicking mad.

The other Freebie is the skin-tight pants and that too comes with a Hud but just the 2 options, white or black.  Both of these are keepers for me because not only do they look great together but I can just see both items working as separates with other items of my clothing.

PS if you didn’t get the 3 reference the first one “I’m on a boat” is by Lonely Island and the “Free Bitch Baby” is Lady Gaga and “Wanna be like me” is Eminem.

Anna Shapes (Marketplace Only)


The Designer Circle (Top)

PB Design(Pants)