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Hop with me (Freebie).

XXXCinnie2I spotted this excellent Freebie, trust me I bin all the cr*ppy ones LOL, and decided since I’d already done 2 posts today and this one isn’t a rush job I would save it for tomorrow which is now today lol.


As I was SL mooching I stumbled upon this intriguing tunnel and of course being a Wabbit I had to hop down it.


And this is where I ended up at, actually it’s a RP/Shopping sim and by the time I took the pictures I had to log out I’m hoping (or should that be Hopping?) it’s going to be an interesting sim to have a wander around.  I’ll put the link to the tunnel entrance because it’s a weird and very interesting looking RP in the fact that on the surface it looks like a normal and beautifully decor shopping sim but I think that is just surface of what is really a society of Vampires, Werewolves,  the Possessed etc and perfect for Faith, Witches!  I’ve put the link to the “Tethers End” blog so you can read more about it.  I think this is a very new RP sim, I could be very wrong about that, but if you have ever thought about giving Role Playing a go then getting in at the beginning can be a great way of learning the ropes.

OK enough Wabbiting on, it’s only going to get worse the nearer to Easter we get, the jumper is an excellent GG from Gizza, Giz Seorn who is the owner is pretty damned generous not only from the fact that her Group is free to join but there is a really BIG selection of Group gifts set out for us.  You may  have seen a lot of them in previous posts so I certainly won’t repeat them but this off the shoulder/shirt combo is Marches gift.

PS all the Gizza gifts are outside just by when you land inworld but I have a feeling there is a bit of a sale going on inside but I could be wrong however if there is a sale going on make sure to go inside as there is some great stuff and if you can get it at a cheaper price it’s not to be missed.


Tethers End Urban Supernatural RP sim (Entrance).

Tethers End Blog for more info