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Seriously PO’d with myself!!(Freebies n New Mina Hair).

I’ve got a friend visiting this week so I’ve not even had much of a chance to log into SL and what I’m showing you is what I’d snagged before I logged out of SL and NOW I’m kicking myself because not only has Mina Nakamura revamped her whole shop but she has a MASSIVE 50% off sale going on!  I’m so sorry but it was only for 3 days and today is the last day so be QUICK! Honestly I’m slapping my head here as I would really have loved to have let you know about this much sooner but sometimes RL drags you back kicking and screaming.

You will need to pay the full price though and then the notice board says that the 50% refund will wing its way back to you as soon as poss.  There is also a photo comp going on but tbh since I wanted to log out and let you know about the sale I didn’t pay much attention to it however I can imagine the clock is ticking on that as well but I did notice a lot of people not only in Mina’s shop but her whole sim is newly landscaped and I can see that a lot of people were probably taking pictures to enter this comp so go on give it a try.

OK This hair Eloise isn’t in the sale because basically she is a brand new style and only available at the HairOlogy event and full priced.  I will say however that Mina has a range of hair with the fabulous windblown look that I love not just because it gives life to pictures but this hair is very wearable all the time.  As always I’ve put the link to Mina’s mainshop so you can check out the demo for this and also the other naturally windblown hairs and you may just find one you like as much or even more and be able to use the 50% offer that’s going on at this moment.


Now for the Freeeebies, this dress which is excellent so good I’m going to it.  That light metallic sheen, the faked pearls etc.  As it happens I have a dress very similar to this but it’s so old it’s a system dress and now I can finally bin it because I now have the new and updated mesh version.  Can’t remember the fittings but I’m pretty sure it comes with all the sizes and SLink and Maitreya fits which is the same as the second dress.


I’ve just shown you a very similar, if not identical dress, but this is of course textured differently.  A simple 1 piece with the belly cut out.


Both of these freebies and a few more GG’s are to be found at Zoom.


Mina Mainshop


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