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Get some TLC in your life, (New Mina Hair & Freebies).

After struggling my way through the TLC event (The Liaison Collaborative) I took myself off to my fav beautiful sim which is still in the throes of winter and I spent sometime just standing there clearing out my notes and also enjoying the ability to move LOL.  I think everyone seems to have gotten over the expense of Xmas and now have a little bit more spending cash which means events like this one and others are a little bit packed but fortunately they not only do calm down but also since TLC is celebrating 3 years there are goodies to be found.

OK I have to admit I did also spend some Lindens, a musical instrument, a Double Bass, and an exc shower which I can’t wait to rezz in my home and of course a New Mina hair.


“Juliet” has  a touch of the 70ties to me, with that exaggerated dropped Farrah Fawcett wings?  Not really sure how to describe it but again as always try before you buy OR check out my next post because as much as I love all Mina hairs (I lie I hated one of them which I’ve never shown you LOL) but I love it even more when I put a hair on and it makes me go “yessss” and that’s going to be the next hair I’m going to show you in my next post.


But as always I like to save to spend and as I said the TLC event is celebrating 3 years and because of that Faith spotted a number of the stands have GIFTIES set out.  She was actually wearing this lovely free dress which I spotted and since I wanted to show you the Mina hair I would go snag the freebies to show you.

Actually I have to confess that once I’d picked up a handful of the gifts and bought myself some treats I decided just to run home with them and leave the rest for you to find but fortunately for me one of the gifts was the very dress Faith was wearing.


I was only just trying another mesh dress yesterday, will show you soon, which is specifically designed to fit a Mesh body and admiring the absolute perfect fit and it’s the same with this dress.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a mesh body as it also comes with Fitmesh options in all the sizes.   This dress also comes with a Hud with a texture option for the lacy bits and as you can clearly see the back panel goes almost all the way down….Cheeky LOL.

The bracelets were also a gift from this event and I had picked up a lovely necklace/earing set but you couldn’t really see them in these pictures.  Word of caution though because not all the boxes on the stands contain gifts, some are fat packs and some are simply the demo boxes.  I was a bit laggy and again once I’d snagged enough I left so goodness knows whats still there to be grabbed.

The Liaison Collective