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Vogueing MAD!

I always say “save to spend” and as much as I would like to say to you this is free this sadly is most definitely a “SPEND”.  As it happens I popped into !gO to check something out (Bargain Gacha Event) and checked any credit I may have, which I did, so I decided to have a wander around and as soon as I spotted this fantasy outfit it was going to be MINE!


To me this is what Second Life is all about, it’s being something you could never be in RL, even if that is a big boobed/butt sl*t or a little furrie or even slimmer and fitter than the real you.  As a history buff the era of the Sun King is something I would love to experience, as long as I was rich Royalty and not a poor serf!  So the chance to put on a big hipped, high hair outfit and go sauntering was worth the relatively few Lindens this look cost.


A “bum” shot just for fun.  You can’t get this outfit in the !gO shop as it’s only available at the I<3 Role Play event and at this event it is discounted by 25% but it still costs 366Lds so by my maths, which is rubbish, I think that means when it’s in the mainshop it will be around the 400Lds mark so grab it while it’s cheaper.

To me this is well worth every Lindens for some amazing texturing and just pure feminine indulgence.  I have played with the pictures a bit and damn it has been a lovely morning preening and posing and just sauntering around SL looking gorgeous, but rest assured this outfit doesn’t need any help to look glorious.  Actually my only annoyance was you have a rack of different colour choices in the gowns and I struggled as to which one to buy because I wanted them ALL!  So I played safe with the champagne one.

Another sorry here because the amazing hair/hat combo doesn’t come with the dress and you will have to pay more Lindens for it but again check this out.


At 185Lds it’s actually a pretty good bargain because you get not just 4 hair colour options but also the 4 hair/ hat combinations plus a wearable hat on it’s own, which of course means you can wear that hat with another hair you may have in your invent and if that wasn’t enough you actually get a Hud for the hat which allows you to change the colour of the brim, roses and ribbons.  Don’t worry demo for the dress and hat are available for you to try for yourself.


!gO is a group you must pay to join but if I remember correctly because !g0 is a group I have been a member of for several years but I do believe it’s at a sheer token price of 50Lds but if it has gone up it’s still worth it (I’ve had a chance to check and yes it’s still just a one off fee of 50Lds to join).  There isn’t a New GG out at this moment but there is always a shop quality gift set out and often a New Item for sale has one specific colour reduced in price for !g0 groupies.  Remmeber to wear your tag as well to earn your credits which is what paid for my hat at least.

!gO has unique designs and texturing, you won’t find anything here in other shops and the pricing for uniquness is a really fair price again add to that the great GG’s and discounts and although Christmas is well over the Christmas Advent Calendar is an event in itself with the damned generous and quality items for us !gO’s


As it happens when I went back to !g0 to LM grabbed I remembered it was the Bargain Gacha event that I was going to check out so I’m giving you the LM for that.  Lots of pirate items and I was very pleased to win myself a stunning peasant outfit.

PS This is a new LM for this event so use mine and not an old one and since I can’t give you the direct LM to the !gO stand just grab the map or follow the sign post to the end and turn left and you will find it.

We ❤ Role Play


Bargain Gacha