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Thank you!!!! (Freebies)

So bloddy easy this morning because one of our regular readers (you know who you are) dropped Faith a note about some NEW Goodies out there, as it happens Faith had already lined up the first one to show you but knowing my love of Shutterfield Faith winged the note my way and I was off like a shot.

OK firstly a boring shot but there is a reason, the first score was 2, 3 sided simple room builds.  2 of the walls are glass blocks and the 3rd is either wood or brick.  Taken in my Nams setting so you can see the excellent texturing.


Simple builds like this can be very handy because they’re usually so low primmed you can go a bit wild with the decor and with theses 2 because one side is missing a wall you can use this as an added room to your home or a stand alone garden room and just use your imagination to tart it up or of course grab the rest of the GG’s from Shutter Field.


I just quickly rezzed the lot of them and I remember a couple of them are old GG’s but still worth while picking up.  I can’t swear to it but those planters in the back are oldies but I’m sure they didn’t come with the plants already in them but I could be wrong.  I also can’t remember any of the prim count for these things but again I do remember the planters were only something like 2 or 3 prims which is surprising considering how bushy the plants are.


Although a more wintery decor item I’d still snag this now because quality like this will still be as good next Winter as it is now so pick it and the other more wintery decor item and tuck them away in a folder for next year.  Slaps forehead because of course you can make your SL anything you want so if you want winter all year round or blazing sun and sea etc the world is your oyster, even if that world is SL lol.


Same Nams setting as above but I clicked on all of the candles which give off a lovely and subtle glow. Even the candles in the bucket can be lit, such great details that make something a bit different.

What I’m not showing you is the stuff I bought from Shutter Field and although I’ve given  the link to the MP you can only find these in the inworld shop so I treated myself to some bargain priced plants in a variety of tubs and pots, very low primmed very low-priced.  I also spotted some new furniture inc a sweet seating area in a cupboard plus some buildings which is new to Shutter Field.  I have to say I would be tempted by the stables but although there is furniture outside I couldn’t find full size stables rezzed on the land which is a shame but since I know Shutter Field is pretty good quality then you can assume the builds will be as well.

PS if you come across a fab item and in my case esp something free or really super priced don’t hesitate to let us know as we try so hard to find so much but like many we have limited time in which to hunt down the goodies to show you.  But at the same time if you do send us  link to a goodie but we don’t use it, it maybe because we’ve shown it before or we have something very similar lined up etc.  ALL hints and tips are gratefully accepted.

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