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Dammit Janet! (Freebie).

Damn! So as soon as I get sent a New Mina hair it doesn’t matter what I’m doing I stop and unpack it and check it out and in my bloody Noobie excitement I’ve managed to retexture a bloody wall on one of my fav pose rooms which is not only non copy but now unavailable in SL or even the MP anymore!


This is what I did in RL as well as SL, threw my hands up in the air and pulled a face.  Yes I could take a picture and try to retex the wall behind me or find a suitable shabby tex in my invent but I don’t have no time for that tomfoolery! LOL.


And all I wanted to do was show you this Womanstuff Hunt Gift from CuCu Clothes and there is a couple of other hunt items set out but they didn’t come with hints and I didn’t have enough time to hunt them down but because this item did have a hint I zoomed in on it straight away.


A Classic SL design but the texturing is quality and I loved the wrinkles in the shirt, it added a realistic touch.  OK I’ll admit it I TPed snatched it TPed home rezzed my office, unpacked my new mina hair, screwed up my office and took some snaps and so I can’t really tell you much about the CuCu clothes shop that I grabbed this gift from but as I said there are more hunt items set out so if you have the time it’s a good way to pick up a treat and also see some new clothes you may want to buy.

PS the hair you see behind me is the New Mina one which I’m going to show you soon.

CuCu Clothes

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