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Be QUICK off the mark (10Ld sale).

Aww my poor Boo Boo is off work because he’s poorly, that’s the cute side the reality is he’s a snotting, hacking, smelly lump who has finally took his sorry ass up for a nap so I’ve escaped inworld and I’m so glad I did.  A notice came through one of my groups about a 10Ld sale going on so I and everybody else it seemed TPed straight over and it was packed with bargain hunters.


One of the reasons it was so busy is because this 10Ld sale is only on for 2 days so better be quick. I have to say I was a bit lost at first as the shop I was in everything was full priced but then I spotted that on the other side of the LM is the second shop and this is where everything has been slashed down to just 10Lds and since time is limited I simply cammed and snagged the first 2 items which grabbed my attention and also a Dollarbie for Omega Undies, TP home unpacked then TP to one of my fav SL places and took a couple of snaps.

This is a simple design but the detailing on the lace make it really lovely and stand out from the rest add to that the colour changing Hud which gives you 4 colour options for the jumper.  The other item I picked up was a basic short slightly flared skirt which although I’ve not taken a picture of I can assure you I’m 100% happy with and again only 10Lds and this too comes with a colour/tex changing Hud with 4 options.  An excellent basic invent item and OK I did also spot that there is a range of Group Gifts out for certain SL groups so I’m going to be checking them out as well.

When I log back inworld I’m going back to see what else I can snag as I love a great bargained quality item.

PS Turns out the reason for the confusion is that one shop is called DM and the other is CD and the bargains are in the CD (Chrystal Drops) shop.  There isn’t a lot in there but I still found another skirt pack and 2 bodysuits with Omega Appliers so I’m very pleased and can’t wait to unpack them later.

DM&Crystal Drops