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These boots were made for an A** Kicking (Freebie).

As promised in my last post I grabbed the Dirty Princess Group Gift and here they are in all their latex glory.


Are they latex, rubber or leather?  Doesn’t really matter because they’re that good but check out the back of them.


Since I’m not inworld I can’t remember 100% the details but I do believe you will need SLink High Feet, that’s because that is what I am wearing, but you do also get the different sizes so you get a nice snug fit around your leg.

Since I left my AV stood outside of the Dirty Princess shop when I get back inworld I’m going to actually go inside, the GG is just outside of the entrance, and risk being tempted because I remember from my last visit this is a shop which has such a mix of the seriously sexy with casual wear.  I also remember than the entrance room is rather packed and it looks like that’s all there is but go further in as this is actually a big shop with a ground and first floor.

UPDATE.  Now that I’m wandering around Dirty Princess I’ve remembered that as well as a shop packed with sexiness of the clothing kind there is also a shop packed with sexiness furniture.  Thats in a seperate shop so once you’ve checked out the clothes go pose hopping in the furniture shop.

PS Check out my last post for the non free but seriously sexy dress I was wearing which comes from Dirty Princess.

Dirty Princess