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A complete MIX. (Bargains, free, NEW)

I’m so happy I found  a packet of Jaffer Cakes in the back of my cupboard so my sugar craving has been sated plus I’ve won 2 pairs of NEW boots on eBay for less than £15! TOTAL! SL is turning out to be just as rewarding as well.

The Mix is just that a mix of “Sales, New & Exclusive” items and I knew that as soon as I saw the colour Hud with this hair it was one of the “Exclusive” offerings.  Called Lieke and the style is probably familiar to you as I’ve shown and used this hair many times before but the colours are definitely different.  It’s hard to explain because they’re a bit ombre in style or highlighted but only on the tips of the ends fortunately since I’m not doing too great a job of describing the colours there is a Demo set out for you to try first.


You will see on the stand that you can get the Hud for The Mix which is the quickest way to see which shops are in The Mix and what it is they’re offering ie a sale item or new etc.  To get this Hud you can either join the in world group but I’d recommend getting it through the Marketplace, for free of course, because while you’re on the Marketplace you can also snag these adorable free shoes and slap (thats slang for make up).

XXXCellurb1These come from the Alaskametro shop, you get 4 mesh feet options and of course I used my SLink High feet.  Such a lovely iridescent sheen to them.  They do come with a Hud but that just changes the soles I say “but” but nothing because a really lovely gift.


Now look closer at my face, this is the same FREE skin I showed you in my last post but with one of the Free makeup layers and also a Toothsome smile from the Alaskametro shop.   Some of the make up esp in the Fat Pack one is pretty old but not only is it standing upto the test of time some of the Freebies I grabbed came with Appliers for Mesh Heads and the toothy grin I have on my face is a tattoo layer and as you can see I think it looks pretty good.

If you’ve wondering the dress comes from Dirty Princess and it was so sexy it made me spend Linden on it! Can’t remember how much I paid for it but it was full priced and well worth it for the sheer sexiness it makes you feel plus it comes in all the standard mesh sizes and mesh body sizing.  I’ve just TPed over to Dirty Princess and spotted a new GG there of latex/leather knee-length boots.  I’ll show you them in my next post cos SL and RL time is running out.

Mina Mainshop

Alaskametro Marketplace

Dirty Princess