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Randomness (Freebie)

When my cat licks his bum he pulls a face which says “what the f**k did I just taste! another bit of randomness is this picture.


So I took a few pics of my new free skin which is why I’m wearing undies as for the boots emm I wore them because I can lol.  Then I decided to have a saunter around our sim for some inspiration on what to do for the next season landscaping and of course our visitors area and YES I didn’t just get a fun picture for my album but I’ve made a decision on what I’m going to do with the sim.


So I TPed up to my platform and took this plain old shot of my lovely new Freebie skin called Violet from Lara Hurley’s shop.  Although she comes with those cherry red lips I think the subtle blush and smattering of freckles make this an adorable sweet skin.

So far Lara Hurley skins are the only ones I happily show you even though they don’t come with any appliers shock horror! LOL  But of course not everyone either uses them or is as lazy as I am and of course Appliers all come with skin matching Huds or in my case since I love and have grabbed all of her GG’s I did buy the Applier pack.  They cost 200Lds and for that you get in my case SLink Mesh body, hands, feet & ALL of the Lara Hurley skin shades so basically once you’ve bought the pack it will match up with every skin and that inc the old GG’s still out to be snagged.

RUSHING off to EXPOSURE!  Even if you’re not a cat lover, what is wrong with you! I think most of us have faced seeing a beloved furry in pain/discomfort etc and having the choice of either having them “put to sleep” or facing a choking bill is something we dread.  We know only too well how much it cost for some of what we consider to be even basic treatment but I not only counted the cost but the blessings we had the money to pay to make sure our furry was made better.  We now even though we’re NOT rich folks donate every month to a local charity that treats poorly furries and even scalies and featheries LOL because our pets enrich our lives and we have to do the best we can to make sure they’re well looked after.

PS of course Exposure does do some excellent poses and even if you’re not into blogging or whatever I think everyone needs a decent pose pack in their invent to make sure that in any picture they take of themselves they’re looking the best they can.

Lara Hurley Skins