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Sooooo Worth it!

I couldn’t wait and as soon as I logged in and grabbed the LM for the AnaMarkova Design shop I went inside slapped down my 100Lds Group Joining Fee’s and grabbed them all and WOW so worth every Linden.

This outfit called Roxanne has the added bonus of being a two piece and in another pack is a pair of black slacks which will look amazing teamed with this top and that skirt even on its own is stunning.  The black slacks are in the Flutter pack which is a shortie dress with lots of ruffles to it and I don’t see how the black slacks go with that as it’s an item that is worn on its own but the pants were an added surprise when unpacked.


I’m only going to show you 5 out of the many gifts(one box seemed to be empty) and the rest I will leave to you to find out for yourself.  Word of caution though because on the reception desk you will see the 2 latest Group Gifts but the 3rd bag is a discounted item for 99Lds so if you want it then it will cost you more than the group joining fee.  The rest of the GG’s are on the shelf next to the reception desk and of course you can also pick up the 2 free SL offers and free’s GG’s which I spoke of in my previous post.

XXXCrossred1The colouring of this picture has made the top look a bit like flat black but it’s not.  Again a brilliant and quality textured outfit.


A classic style dress but again 100% shop quality texturing.  This dress like most of the outfit seems to come with all the mesh sizes and mesh body options.


Boobie shot lol.  This is a short mini dress but I wanted to show off some serious cleavage and even the hint of a nip slip.


I have edited my pictures because my photos came out so dark and I didn’t have time to redo them so the colours have changed a bit but trust me they’re 100% shop quality and I am so pleased with everything I scored.

PS Make sure to click the little doggie for an extra Valentines gift,

AnaMarkova Designs