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Thinking about it (Freebies).

Drat I spotted a beautiful Group Gift from the AmaMarkova Design and I hauled AV ass over there to find it’s a non Free Group but at only a 100Lds and you not only get the lovely new GG dress but a whole shelf full of old GG’s.  I was and I am still tempted, actually now I’m not inworld when I get back inworld I am going to join and I’ll let you know what you get for your monies but until then check out the Free for SL free’s & offers GG.


The first freebie is this simple very Etsy style wrap, a lovely oatmeal texture.  Love it.


This dress is now a SL classic design but in this bright bold colour and great texture you can never go wrong.  The Sl Offers & Free group gifts are in the room behind the reception area.

If you’re wondering all the junk in the background is all old Group Gifts from Follow us, tbh too much to show you so again for only 40Lds that’s another paid for group that pays out big in the end.

So my next post will be all the paid for GG’s from…. so see ya’s soon.

AnaMarkova Design