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How to be alone.

In RL I am a “Sadie” (Sadie sadie married lady which is a very old song which I heard once and it’s now BURNED into my brain!) but even as a “Sadie” I found this on You Tube and it MOVED ME!

Not everyone has that “one” in their lives, some have loved and lost, some are still waiting, some have given up, some people even do have someone in their lives “but” and then some simply don’t want to share their lives.

I hope that even if it’s just 1 person who watches this and thinks about how positive this woman is about being on her own but not lonely and how she embraces all the world has to offer and quite possibly lives a fuller life than maybe a lot of people who are stuck with someone they now don’t love but they’re afraid to be on their own.

So have a great day tomorrow and give yourself a lovely day.

2 thoughts on “How to be alone.”

  1. Just a fun bit of trivia for you. The Sadie song is from the musical “Funny Girl”. Now you can look it up and maybe it will stop ear-worming you!


    1. Wow I would have sworn it was an old Cockney song! I’ve just watched the Funny Girl clip and what a lovely reminder of how good old films can be. Thanks.


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