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Alas poor Faith.

Faith and I have been working together in SL for so long but although our “mensies” haven’t sinc’d as yet it seems our dental issues have.  So this grin is for Faith who will probbaly at this moment will need cheering up and DAMNED STONG PAINKILLERS!


PS I’ll be needing those pain killers myself in a couple of weeks damn us and our need for a beautiful smile.

Oooo I’ve just remembered something that will make Faith laugh so much her jaw will hurt but at least it will take away the tooth pain…I was using some face wipes I had picked up from Poundland, that’s the same thing as the Dollarstore in America and I noticed that they are actually “feminine wipes for your intimate area” does that mean I’m a “fanny face” now?  Serves me right for being such a cheap biatch!

1 thought on “Alas poor Faith.”

  1. ha! you’re such a nutcase – toothypegs all done – heading for an early bath & bed as I’m SO bored of not being able to eat or drink coffee boohoo.


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