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Do you Flickr?

This isn’t my normal sort of post, don’t worry oodles of great freebies coming up soon, but I’ve finally managed to log into my Flickr account and no I wasn’t banned for bad behaviour LOL so now I’m having to upload a lot of the pictures I’ve used which can sometimes be a bit boring BUT sometimes you come across pictures by other Flickr and SLers which make you go Wow and Skippy Beresford is one of them.

I’m not big on kid AV’s or RPing, Faith would fear the life of any SL child/baby left in my care but that doesn’t mean to say that I think it’s a bad thing it’s just not my thing and then we have Skippy.  I know nothing of him except he does amazing, beautiful, childish picture full of joy and fun and occasionally even a little bit of sadness.  When I see a new picture off him I always spend a few moments just admiring the skill of his workmanship plus the joy his little character seems to get out of his SL life.

So if you’ve never “Flickred” before try it because there are many SL groups in there and you may even get inspired enough to try your hand at taking pictures and Flickr for the most part is free, you only pay for a pro account, however you do need a yahoo email addie but that’s just to post pictures.  So I’m putting the link here for not just Skippy’s Flickr but also mine and Faiths because sometimes if you don’t want all my “Spamminess” you could just check out the pictures and see what’s been posted.

Skippy Beresford

Zan Beck

Faithless Babii

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  1. Oh wowser – I wish there was a big fat button I could press on Skippys flickr to fav ALL his photos – totally beautiful – thanks doll ❤


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