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Sexy Ginger (Freebie).

Even as I’m wearing a Freebie I’m still Freebie hunting! so I had put on this lovely retro dress from D.O.R.K and then TPed over to another shop to check out their freebie and their lovely sim windlight setting was so nice I threw a quick pose and took a snap.


This is a simple and lovely dress but the one thing I would suggest with this dress is you wear a collar or in my case a nice fitting necklace as it covers up a raw neckline and I also think it sets the dress off perfectly.  Sometimes it’s the smallest thing which can turn a look from OK to Ooooh!

There is more than just this dress waiting for you at dork, I dare you to wear the low riders though as they’re so low they barely cover your Hoo Ha LOL and there is some Lucky Chairs.

PS I used the sim setting for this picture and I might just chose to change our sim to this warm orangey colour as it was so flattering to not only the sim but even my skin