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Got Boobs? (Freebie).

Be kind to me I have a double whammy of a cold and toothache! RL is sucking badly at the moment.

I’ve been tottering around in SL with this very night clubbing, date night, stylised outfit from Braham Design or the past 2 days but I’ve only had the nounce to finally be able to show it to you today.


OK I did have fun with editing but this outfit didn’t need it.  Obviously the main body of this mesh dress is a matt black and that exaggerated red fold is very dramatic, you can also see that even the lining of the dress is the bright red which is a nice finishing touch but not as nice as the bows on the back.


I don’t do nightclubs, dancing or dating in SL but I do know of people who love to take their AV dancing and do a bit of inworld flirting as well and this dramatically coloured dress will get you noticed for sure.

OK a maybe a bit of a downside.  Boobies, this dress comes with a very generous boobie cup size so even though I’m wearing the XS size my little pimple sized boobies don’t fill the cups BUT I do keep my boobie slider in the pretty small setting.  Although I love to wear my Tangoes on the whole I keep my boobies petite but if you’re the sort of girl or even boy who loves a pneumatic cleavage then perfect for you or of course with a simple slide you could make yourself a busty AV.

Going to be honest my brain is moosh so I can’t really remember much about the Braham shop so I can’t tell you much about it but once I’ve got my sh*t together, in other words the pain killers I’ve taken have kicked in, I’m going to have a wander around.

DOH I’ve just realised, red n black perfect Valentines outfit! So grab it now as it may not be there next month and hide it away till the big day (all rhyming is completely unintentional)

UPDATE, This Freebie/GG is on the wall just outside of the entrance to the shop and I highly recommend you GO INSIDE!  I’ve just spent a very pleasant half an hour trying on quite a few demos as there is some really lovely items here, even the simple knitted off the shoulder dress impressed me with the crispness of the texture but there seems to be a bit of everything from casual summer to cold wintry wear and it’s the same with the pricing.  Lots of things are just 55Lds but even at the higher prices of 99-150+LDs if I had a unlimied budget I would have bought at least 2 things and thats only what I spotted on the ground floor and there is even more upstairs and I believe across the way is the mens dept as well.  I did also notice with the demos I picked up they came with not just the standard mesh sizing but also mesh body sizes and fitmesh so this is definately a place to check out properly.

Braham Design


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Bridge for all seasons

Aphrodite NEW!

Ah yes, V day is fast approaching and just as Im on the look out for something romantic Aphrodite comes along with this adorable couples bridge/ gazebo called “Ever Lasting Romance”, perfect! Loaded with adorable poses, snuggles,dance and smewches. The brill thing is it also has a texture changing menu for three options, so not just for V day, its good to go all year round. At just 7Li its not heavy on your prim budget either – hurrah!

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite market place

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Silly Goose, feed the addiction. (Freebies).

I stumbled upon some Lucky Chairs in a shop and although the quality of the contents were a bit dodgy they fed my addiction to Lucky Chairs/Boards.  So I rummaged in my invent for some more old LMs for Lucky Chairs and came across a skin shop called Mother Goose which is still going strong.  So I plonked myself down in front of the big central column in the shop and as quickly as I worked through all my notes my initial kept on coming up.  So I basically ended up with a whole folder of Free skins and even then before I TPed back to my platform I couldn’t resist grabbing not just the Dollarbies but also a whole load of Demos and then spent the next half hour trying them on…and yes binning almost all of them but I love doing this unpacking a whole load of stuff and working my way through the good, bad and downright ugly.XXXSillyI’m not going to lie but to me these free skins aren’t a patch on my PumeC’s BUT just because it’s not my skin of choice doesn’t mean it’s not going to be yours.  On the positive side the variety of LB/Dollarbies/Freebies and paid for skins is vast and especially if you want a pretty, pink and youthful skin then there ARE some adorable ones here with pouty lips and pink cheeks.

The LBs wins don’t come with any appliers and as you will know by now I’m way too lazy to skin match using a Hud but that doesn’t mean you have to be or simply just don’t wear any mesh add ons, not everyone is a fan.

This however is definitely a LM to keep in your invent and if you come across someone new in SL then I bet they will be overjoyed to be able to grab so many skins.

Mother Goose

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Couldn’t help myself (Freebie).

So after my last post I logged off but after a while I had to pop back inworld and take some very quick and simple snaps of the other Free dress I found at Emporio.


There is this colour…


and this colour…


even this colour but actually there is a colour changing Hud of 6 colours and I love them all.  Taken in my Nams skin n prim setting so you can see just how good they are….as long as you’re using a good setting.

OK back to RL those trashy horror films I watch on a Sunday afternoon ain’t going to watch themselves you know!


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Free and easy.

Keeping this simple and lazy cos it’s Sunday morning I’m PMSing (I know it’s TMI lol).  I picked up this simple sumery dress from Emporio yesterday and since both Faith and I have had it upto our necks with the snow, as I TPed off to my Fav beach sim to take some pictures she’s packing away all the wintery stuff on our sim.  Having said that our sim will not be leaping forward into full summer and  I have cunning plans for our new Welcoming area, I’m already itching to search out spring planting and of course a NEW HOME!


So yesterday I meandered around the Emporio shop because it’s one of those shops with a whole mix of clothes, shoes, make up and accessories that just keep you moving around the shop.  Although this isn’t a retro clothes shop there is a full circle “swing” skirt in there which had me stood there with the demo on fighting a battle on wether to buy or not to buy…I didn’t in the end but thats only because I couldn’t see it fitting into my “goto” wardrobe I keep in my invent.


I have to confess when I first put this dress on I was almost going to just bin it as I didn’t like the colour and then I spotted the colour changing Hud and what a saver it was.  Drat I’ve forgotten how many colour choices there are but it’s either 8 or 10 but I won’t tell you the colour I didn’t like because I loved all of the rest of them and of course just because I didn’t like one colour certainly doesn’t mean you won’t like it.

This is why it pays, for me at least, to return inworld to LM grab because what I had missed was that there is a total of 3 gifties set out for anyone to snag and not just group members.  They’re the 3 black bags on the receptions desk. Because I was so happy with this freebie I grabbed the 2 I had missed and TPed back to my platform to check em out and I’m so glad I did.  The Christmas nails are of course very themed ie snow flakes, Christmas Pudding design very cute and you may want to store them away BUT the other dress is the one I would have shown you first.  A lovely style, great colours in the hud, great texturing and fit.  My SL and RL time ran out but I might just pop inworld and take a quick snap in my nams setting just to show you this dress but until then you can go and check it out for yourself.


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Swanning about

Chez Moi Swan boat NEW!

God, what an awful pun huh?! I’ve wanted one of these swan boats since foreverrrrr, and now Chez Moi have released one that fits in my champagne taste / beer money budget . This is the newly released Swan boat up for grabs in this round of  Lost & Found. Here’s the deets:

Room for up to 1-4 people
It has 70 animated poses:
♥ 30 single poses (female and male poses)
♥ 32 couple poses (16 x 2)
♥ 8 alone poses to enjoy the moment by yourself
♥ Props: Glass of Champagne, Lap Blanket and Bubble blower

Specifications: 7 LI | Original Mesh

** Please Note: The Paddle Boat DOES NOT function as a vehicle. Just for decoration.

Blimey just 7Li, that’s brilliant. The poses for couples and singletons are so lovely, I’m actually using a couple pose, so even those can be suitable for singlepringles. Go check it out – thanks Nanda ❤

Lost & Found

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The hits just keep on coming

Neve New Release !

More new releases from Neve yippee!! I’m showing of two of the versions of a complete look called “intern” – skirt and blouse all-in-one. With each version you get four colour ways, and each section of the outfit is controllable via the fancy smancy HUD.  Four sets (lively,neutral,pins & plaid) to choose from, but but but the HUD gives you so much flexibility within in each item its A.mazinggg! You have four set ways to wear each piece, then you can swap things up, change the belt colour,top or skirt – plussss turn materials on and off. This is the “lively” collection btw.

Neve NEW! !

This is the “pins” version. Subtle difference with skirt fabric and blouse pattern which add a whole new look to the piece. Fits included for: Includes Standard Sizes XXS, XS, SM, M
Maitreya Lara Fitted , Belleza Isis & Freya Perky Fitted, Slink Physique & Hourglass Fitted. I’m wearing my slink Physique body, great fit as usual. Demo’s on the MP and instore – thanks Neve team ❤

Neve store

Neve marketplace

Neve Blog (all versions shown)