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Home Sweet Home(Hunt item).

Now that we’ve removed the blinding snow off our sim it’s so nice to be able to take piccies in my home or in this case a stand alone kitchen I have set out.


I’m being very quick with this post, I literally snagged the goodies an hour ago, TPed home, took 1 picture and then logged out.

This is one of those hunts where each items cost a token price and in this case it’s 15Lds.  Like many shops doing this sort of hunt there is a big board in the entrance to show you exactly what is in each bright yellow stars so you can buy exactly what you want and not what you don’t. I have to say I originally ear marked just 3 items and ended up buying 5 and yet I’m showing you only 2…go figure LOL.

The skirt comes in all the mesh and mesh body sizes, a cute waist cinched skirt.  I did notice in the picture that it comes with a black body but I didn’t notice that as I was basically rushing and I’d already earmarked this jumper to go with the skirt in any case and this is where I give you a bit of a warning.  Look closely and you will see no boobies LOL.  It took me a little while to realise that it is very flat which means this is probably the one and only item, apart from the eyes, that is for the men folk.  Having said that perfect for layering under clothes! and you do get 3 colour options as well.

What I’m not showing you is #1,10&12.  Which are the shoes/booties, the full black outfit and black mesh eyes.  Love the eyes so much I’m going back for the green ones.

As I’ve said this is a quickie because although I couldn’t see an ending time I can only imagine it’s going to be pretty soon so for 15Lds a pop some very handy invent staples to be found.  Avi Glam is new to me and I’m heading back as I did spot some more interesting skins for men and women and a whole load of hair and since this isn’t a shop I know well I’m going to pop back just to try on the demos.

PS of course taken in my Nams setting.


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