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Free and easy.

Keeping this simple and lazy cos it’s Sunday morning I’m PMSing (I know it’s TMI lol).  I picked up this simple sumery dress from Emporio yesterday and since both Faith and I have had it upto our necks with the snow, as I TPed off to my Fav beach sim to take some pictures she’s packing away all the wintery stuff on our sim.  Having said that our sim will not be leaping forward into full summer and  I have cunning plans for our new Welcoming area, I’m already itching to search out spring planting and of course a NEW HOME!


So yesterday I meandered around the Emporio shop because it’s one of those shops with a whole mix of clothes, shoes, make up and accessories that just keep you moving around the shop.  Although this isn’t a retro clothes shop there is a full circle “swing” skirt in there which had me stood there with the demo on fighting a battle on wether to buy or not to buy…I didn’t in the end but thats only because I couldn’t see it fitting into my “goto” wardrobe I keep in my invent.


I have to confess when I first put this dress on I was almost going to just bin it as I didn’t like the colour and then I spotted the colour changing Hud and what a saver it was.  Drat I’ve forgotten how many colour choices there are but it’s either 8 or 10 but I won’t tell you the colour I didn’t like because I loved all of the rest of them and of course just because I didn’t like one colour certainly doesn’t mean you won’t like it.

This is why it pays, for me at least, to return inworld to LM grab because what I had missed was that there is a total of 3 gifties set out for anyone to snag and not just group members.  They’re the 3 black bags on the receptions desk. Because I was so happy with this freebie I grabbed the 2 I had missed and TPed back to my platform to check em out and I’m so glad I did.  The Christmas nails are of course very themed ie snow flakes, Christmas Pudding design very cute and you may want to store them away BUT the other dress is the one I would have shown you first.  A lovely style, great colours in the hud, great texturing and fit.  My SL and RL time ran out but I might just pop inworld and take a quick snap in my nams setting just to show you this dress but until then you can go and check it out for yourself.