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Dayum whut no freebies!

This made me chuckle,  as soon as I rezzed at the Wayward sim I turned right to start working my way methodically past all the stalls and shops and this Mina Beanie hair was the first thing I came across.  Luca is another prime example of Mina Nakamura’s skill of making brilliant Unisexed hair but personally I think I look better in it LOL.

I’m going to be honest here if you like this hair do NOT buy it until you’ve popped into Mina’s mainshop and tried on Alex.  Alex is a very similar styled hair/beanie but you get the added options of fringe only, hair at nape of the neck only, hair at both the nape of the neck and the fringe AND or just the beanie on it’s own……clear as mud but of course the demo will contain all the variations.  Alex is not identical to Luca but if you like Luca you may love Alex and equally you might just like Alex but love Luca and it’s only by trying the 2 hairs on will you know which one suits your style best.


So sorry because I didn’t spot a single freebie.  They maybe there and I was just awed by all the newness and missed them, if you find any pleased feel free to let me know, but sometimes it’s worth paying for something new and fresh.  Because there is so much new and fresh here from skins to full builds I did splash out and yes the Gachas got me, will be setting a whole new load of gifts out for you to come and collect soon.

PS I’ve just noticed that now I’m LM grabbing if you like the Beanie look but would prefer it with long hair then Mina’s The Mix offer is a hair called Nell which is definitely more ladies than gents with the long flowing hair and this one is also at a discounted price.  I also popped my “Alex” hair on and yes very similar but also very different so make sure you try on both and The Mix offer before you make your final decision.

Wayward Winter Event

Mina Mainshop