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Indecent haste, Freebie n New Mina Hair.

I was already dressed with a great outfit to show you when a notice came off Zee (zuleicca) one of the managers of the shopping sim Nouveaux about a new shop to their sim called Sorbet owned and run by bbcrumbs (xantheanne) and as soon as I checked out the pink cuteness I dropped what I was doing and ran to grab it and then dropped Faith a note to back off it was MINE ALL MINE!


Just so sweet and as much as I’m still snuggling in my winter woolies in SL and RL this pink prettiness just warmed my heart up.  This dress comes in just the 3 standard mesh dresses and it says they won’t go with mesh bodies which is didn’t but that’s hardly an issue and even I spend about 90% of my SL time in my normal AV and not wearing my mesh body in any case. OK at this moment this is a very small shop in fact all there is is 2 outfits this dress but in other colours and a rather pretty skirt.  If this is the start of a new venture in SL then it’s a brilliant start but lets hope there is more like this to come.

Weirdly enough I’ve gone a bit pink mad because the skin is just one of my old ones from Pink Fuel which I adore not just for its prettiness but Pink Fuel has cornered the market for the sweetest sexiest skins that come with appliers/tattoo layers which will give you 6 packs to die for.  So once I’m back inworld I’m going to pop over there and hope that there is a special deal on because they’re not cheap skins but I might just get tempted.

However much more affordable is of course the Mina hair called  Chloe which is available @Kustom9.  I have to be honest and say that if it wasn’t for Mina hairs being a regular at the Kustom9 event it’s not one I make time to visit which would be a shame this time because I’ve seen whats there and there is so much tempting me inc Gacha’s so I’m definitely heading back there but this time I’m hoping it’s calmed down because it’s one popular event.


Mina@Kustom 9

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  1. Because of your love of mina hairs i wanted to mention finding 1 for free tho its a very limited time off. The gift is available only two days (16th – 17th of January) There is a club opening with several big name designers giving gifts. Mina is one. You have to join the club group but its free and then there are a good handful of goodies. Its a landpoint so u have to fight your way up the ramp and there are gifts on both sides. Here is the lm to the club


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