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Guilty (Freeness)

It’s those DAMNED GACHAS!!! but when they contain something as cute as this wearable Elephant I think most of use would also find it hard to resist, I even look guilty in this picture.  However the Elephant isn’t free and in fact I’m not even going to tell you where I got it from, unless you really want to know and then you can drop me a note inworld and I’ll tell you, sadly little Nellie flashes, she’s not very stable so is constantly disappearing not sure if this is an issue just with my comp or something that needs to be fixed by the maker.  Such a shame as it’s a much more interesting wearable than the standard hand bag LOL.


The freeness is not just the outfit but the great boots.  They don’t match but neither do they clash and since they both came from the same shop called Agapee I thought I’d show you them at the same time. The dress and gloves come as a one piece and you also get the Mesh Body Sizes as well.  Although the boots come with mesh feet fits you can obviously wear them even without mesh feet.  I should have taken a picture to show you the beige chunky heel which is a really good style touch.

Often when I grab a Freebie I just rush off to try it on and only when I’ve decided it’s worthy LOL and I’m at the LM grabbing stage do I return to the shop and from this visit I can see that Agapee has only been open since december and already has 2 stylish shops set up but not totally packed with stock as yet but plenty of room for expansion.  To one side of the Landing spot is the clothes shop which is where you will find not just these 2 freebies but there is also a pack of the same outfit but with 3 more Christmassy texturing and if you go to the other side which is the pose shop there are also group gifts out there but sadly for us singletons they’re all couple poses.  Of course I couldn’t resist hopping on a few poses and although I was seriously tempted I managed to not buy any but I think when it’s time to update some of my poses this is going to be a place to visit.

PS I almost forgot to say that if you don’t like this outfit as a one piece I did spot that you can buy the skirt and tops but they come with a price tag and it’s the same for the boots.  If you like the style but not the texture and don’t mind spending Lindens then there is a choice of them as well.