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Mondays Kiss (inc a Freebie n New Mina Hair).

OH Dear the New Year is testing Faiths patience but tbh it makes me grateful for the minor niggly morning I’ve had.  In any case time my SL has run out and I so want to show you the jumper I’ve been mooching around in for the past few days which is a Freebie from Hilly Haalan.  As it happens when popping back inworld to LM grab I picked up another of the Free to join GG’s, a pair of bright red SLink/Maitreya shoe’s which is under the Christmas Tree but resisted the other dresses, skirts etc as time ran out plus I also sometimes like to leave surprises for you to find.

I also strongly suggest you also check out her Marketplace shop as it’s packed with oodles of 99Ld offers and from what I can see a lot of it is FULL outfits with shoes, bags, tops and bottoms or single items but with colour changing hud etc  They’re probably actually in the discount section of Hillys inworld shop but this is a big shop and my time was running out so if you don’t find the bargains inworld then at least you can treat yourself through the marketplace.


At can last  bin a Mina hair because although similar to this new one it is now showing it’s age.  I think a lot of us “old timers” in SL would never have thought of how good mesh and texturing would be in SL in fact for several years Prims ruled and I remember the excitement of Sculpties but mesh kicks ASS and designers like Mina have grabbed the new advances and ran with them.  “Pearl” is only available @Hairology which I actually enjoy going because unlike some events which can be so big you end up missing out half of what is there and even worse spending your lindens before you’ve seen everything there and then finding something you would have preferred but you’ve now spent all you money.  The hairs at Hairology isn’t discounted this is an event to showcase new styles and yes I sauntered from stall to stall and yes I’ve even ear marked a hair from another shop to go back to and buy because Mina doesn’t do braids BUT I bet if she did they would be the best braids ever LOL.

PS sorry if you went to pick up one of the freebies I have set out on my sim as it happen they were “bought” but the people either didn’t think they had bought them or forgot to pick them up so I’ve sent them on.  Remember because SL hates me when it comes to selling things if you don’t get the buy option click on it and in the second pie menu you should get the option to buy.   More stuff has been set out.

Hilly Haalen

Hilly Haalen Marketplace