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Just stuff (Freebies for anyone).

I just spent a very relaxing and pleasant hour rezzing more tran items.  Some larger pieces set out and lots of smaller items such as dinner sets, food etc.  As space is cleared I pop back and rezz more out and when I’ve set out a load of new items I’ll do a quick post like this but I’m hoping to hunt down a Freebie dress/outfit for my next post but until then I’m logging off for a while and settling down on my settee with a warming cup of coffee and The Human Centipede II, don’t you dare judge me LOL.


Of course everything is set to Zero but I have noticed that some you can buy on the first click and a couple of items you will have to go into the pie menu to get will see what I mean when you try it.

NB: Although Zan keeps on saying I have security in place – I actually don’t! Its just out of bounds – as are most peoples private homes in SL – please always feel free to wander about and say hello !

Home Sweet Home