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Come clean my CR*P up! (freebies for you).

Honestly I need someone to B*tchslap some sense into me.  So I popped over to the 5th Vintage Gacha event and grabbed not only ALL of the Freebies they have set out, and there is a lot of them, but also because the Gachas were so reasonably priced I went click crazy AGAIN!  So I stood on my platform and perused not only all the stuff I’d managed to pick up but all my notices, notes and pictures I have to work my way through and I decided it’s time to clear the crapola out.


Actually I’ll just bin the tat and hopefully people will come and snag themselves some nice new decor items because sadly so far no clothes but plenty of chairs, cushions, desks etc and as stuff goes more stuff will be put out.

LM takes you right to the freebies but I have moved them since taking this picture so all the gifts are on the same platform.

Remember this is our sim and you are more than welcome to come and not just hang out at our little cafe rest area but actually walk around the whole sim.  The only place off bounds is Faiths home, the one on the hill. My home is open to all and DON’T WORRY if you see us on the map cos we won’t bother you as long as you don’t bother us in fact most of the time were on our platforms just doing stuff.

PS don’t forget the Gacha event not only for all of the freebies but the prices are so reasonable.

Home Sweet Home

5th Vintage Gacha Event


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