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Woo Hoo (New Mina Hair).

Woo Hoo my OH is back at work after 2 weeks off for Xmas Boo Hoo that he turned all the lights on and the radio at full blast this morning so no lie in for me what a meanie!

Just before I logged out of SL for Xmas I got quite a few new Mina hairs but RL took presidence, drat, over even new Mina hair so I shelved them till a later date and now I’m back here is the first of the New ones.  This hair is called Liekie and the first thought I had when I put this hair on was it’s “Dionne” LOL.  Dionne and Liekie are very much in a similar vein but where Dionne has lots of whispy hair framing your face and I’m pretty sure a higher set back combed hair Liekie is more subtle and with “bangs” that some people love.


The new round of faMESHed has started and this is where you will find this new hair but as always I will pop the LM for her mainshop because from there you can see what new hairs are out at new events and TP direct and best of all try the Demos on before you go because sometimes these events are packed and there is nothing worse than having to waste time grabbing the demo, trying it on, waiting for it to rezz when you can do all of that quickly at her mainshop before you go.


PS I’m still wearing the Free Lara Hurley skin if you haven’t snagged that yet I’ll pop the LM in for it as well but remember no appliers at all with this skin but they’re very reasonably priced if like me you love this skin as much as I did then splashing a few Lindens out for the Appliers pack was a nice investment.


Mina Mainshop

Lara Hurley (skin)