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Stick/Stuck with me.

Yup she’s orf! Lucky mare although I can hardly complain as I had an amazing weekend in a beautiful English market town and I ate too much and spent too much which is what I hope Faith does with her week away.

I’ve been so amiss with all the New Mina hairs as there are so many goodies out there so many events so many new and fresh designs I’m basically drowning  in goodies both paid for, free or hunted and I’ve got a whole load of goodies from yet another event which I will not be missing but I got to show you my new Mina hairs first.


Yes yes yes I want this hair! One of the Vloggers I watch on you tube cuts her own hair into a short and spiky unstructured look and it’s 100% better than any hairdresser could do it but I do not have the nerve to even try it for myself so when I put on this Mina hair I logged straight off dug out a load of my products and had an enjoyable hour playing around with my own hair and it’s such an achievable look, then I had to go have a shower to wash all the product back out of my hair and scraped it all back with a clip, I’ve never claimed to be tarted up in RL when doing a post LOL.  Thats what I love about Mina hair is that so many of them are so relatable and when you pop one on in SL it makes you sit and think about how you could maybe do your own hair. This hair is called Stella and she is found at the Tres Chic event.


This hair is definitely not achievable for me because I went and cropped my hair a few months back which half the time I love and the other half I wish I hadn’t because again this hair would have had me running for my hair stuff and spending some time in front of the mirror.  Polly, obviously the name of this hair, can only be found at the Hairology event and as it happens it is also with 2 other of my most Fav Mina hairs, Anais and Elsa both beautifully casual, young and yet stylish.  Do I buy other hairs?  of course I do and I have not only grabbed the demo for an amazing dreadlocked hair when I get back inworld it’s going to be mime.  You have to try on many hairs to see what works for you I just happen to find that 90% of the time I pop on a Mina and moan cos I WANT HAIR LIKE THAT(without the exessive use of nail clippers and product that is lol).

I’ve also put the LM in for the Christmas on 34th Street event as there is a Mina hair with a knitted hat on offer there full priced but completely trans which is the same for most things as this event so you can give give and give some more pressies to your loved one without having to drag them somewhere and give them the money.  Can you imaging packing a whole lot of gift boxes with such lovely goodies and them unpacking them on the big day!  BUT I must also say that in Mina Nakamura’s mainshop she has some Gacha’s and 2 of them are 100Lds and 2 are 75Lds and for taking a risk on the colour you get not just a great hair but a colour pack and not just a single shade.  Again as it happens the Selenia hairin one of the Gacha is another Mina hair I couldn’t live without so if you want a Mina hair to give as a gift but the one available @Christmas on 34th Street isn’t your style check out the Gachas.

PS Our land is now so white now it’s bleaching pictures out so I popped over to the latest round of Collab 88 and snagged the Scarlet Creative skybox/house Faith has just blogged because to be able to get such a quality build for just 188Ld was too good to miss and because there is so much happening at this moment I actually managed to get in.

Mina@Tres Chic

Mina@Christnasm on 34th Street


Mina Mainshop


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Holiday wishes !


Merry Christmas!

Well it’s that time of year where I head off on my travels and get to wish you all a very Merry Christmas ! Its been a fabulous year (so far) with so many new innovations within Second Life , sometimes making my head spin! I’ve yet to embrace the whole mesh head craze, but I guess its only a matter of time before I succumb right?! Id be interested to hear from any of you who have got into mesh heads , what was your experience and how did you choose? Ohhhh – big thanks to all of you who came and dropped a note to Santa – hope you got what you wished for!

Got to stop rambling and get off my butt to pack my suitcase, Happy Christmas (if you celebrate it) take care of yourselves over the festive period – see you the other side.


Faith ❤

outfit by Goji mainstore

Hat & hair combo Decoy @ The Winter gacha Festival (only $25L!)

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Ho Ho Ho – Into the seasonal swing


Tra la la ! It’s almost here! I’ve got all Chrissmassy this week and CIRCA have really stepped up to the festive cookie plate to bring us some gorgeous home decor. Dontcha just love the kittycatty on the cushion? Gawd I do and at just 3Li its brilliant . Chair and table with cookie plate are at the store also and the wooden Deco panel in front of the window is part of the most excellent Circa Advent calendar. You have to be a Circa group member to use the advent calendar, but Cherelle has made it free to join for a limited period, so you’re good to go. Some gifts are free, some you pay a nominal fee.

CIRCA New!!!

Whats this time of yeAr without a gloriously decorated tree? I’ve seen quite a few this year (quite literally approx 40 or so) in SL, but this one really caught my attention, various colours available and the little pile of pressies is also up for grabs.

CIRCA New Seasonal decor

More more more, I really can’t show it all as I’m supposed to be packing for my vacation – but get yourself over to the store and check it all out !


Had to get this darling little tree and couples chaise in, lovely poses inside for snuggling up in-front of a fire or admiring the snow as it falls outside – the tree is so low prim and pretty spiffy & stylish! Thanks Cherelle ❤


Circa Advent calendar

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Honestly! (Gifts, Cheapies and New Mina Hair).

OK you’re going to have to put up with a mini rant before I do my post just so I can basically vent and then hopefully feel better for it, but of course you could just scroll by this first bit LOL.  I’m closing my business down in RL, don’t worry I’ve got a new career lined up, but it means lots of stock taking and packing tape.  I’ve just remembered that I’ve forgotten to buy 2 gifts for 2 people I don’t like and who have never liked my gifts but I have no choice but to buy them gifts, families you gotta love em! The icing on the cake is I’ve lost my mousematt which isn’t just a major deal until you are driven crazy by the lack of control of your pointer!

On the good side is that I went over to the Christmas on 34th Street and picked up a shed load of 10Ld goodies.  I’ve mentioned this event previously because everything here is Trans, but of course non copy, which means you don’t have to drag your loved one/friend over then give them the money and tell them what to buy for themselves, it takes the suprise and fun out of it.  There are some big names are here, inc Mina’s as well 🙂 and if you want to pop your pressie into a gift box then you will also notice the “wrapping stations”.  There are at least 2 of them and they’re stalls with Gift Boxes you can buy for 20Lds to pop your pressie in BUT look on the ground and at each Wrapping Station is a pile of 10Ld gifties! Although there is no picture of what they contain when you highlight them you can see whats inside each box and it’s a real good mix of clothes, make up, nails and decor items.  I clicked and grabbed a whole pile of them and so far sooooo happy.


I’ve used only my sim setting for these pictures but when I cropped this one I relabeled it “Stroppy” which is a bit how I feel this morning LOL.  The dress is the 10Ld offer from Cheeky and I LOVE this style, I have a very similar dress from another fav SL shop but in different texturing.  Check out the folds and pleats etc not a 100% sure but I’m pretty sure that it came in the mesh body sizes but if I’m wrong it also comes with the standard mesh sizing in any case.


Check out my Mug and by “Mug” I mean my face!  I’m going to SHOCK you because it’s a PumeC and I’m not that keen on it! LOL.  Actually what it is is I went over to PumeC with my fingers crossed that there was some new GG’s out but sadly there wasn’t, there was however a Gacha tempting me and so for 100Lds I took a gamble and won “Rose” she has all of the features I love of PumeC but just the 1 skin, so yes that means you get the fully packed applier and even one for a mesh head and I’m not keeping her.  The only reason I’m not keeping her, apart from the fact I have loads of PumeC skins, is because I love to layer on the make up, eyes, cheeks and esp lips but Rose has very lush and plump lips and my tats don’t cover it well enough esp when I take a lot of piccies.  So she has to go and I’ve popped her and the appliers into one of the 20Ld gift boxes set the buy it now price to Zero Lindens.  You may have to click twice on the pie menu to get the buy option but I’m pretty sure I clicked all the right boxes to set it for sale.


Thats one of the 20Ld boxes I picked up from the Christmas on 34th st event and I’ve packed “Rose” into there but the lovely and low primmed snowman and angel are gifts off Faith.  I don’t know if she has noticed but I’ve got the snowman at the foot of my house but the angel is right on the top of my house and if you check my previous post about the KIDD gift you will see the angel.


Last picture and it’s a wild one.  A new shop to me but this is a classic case of putting out a gift/discounted item can win you new clients because as soon as I rezzed this wild sparkling cloud I TPed straight over to the E.V.E shop and bought a field of amazingly ethereal and undulating mushrooms.  This cloud is BIG but still only 12 prims and it does come in 2 parts so you can just rezz half of it or even the smaller version.  Yup 2 sizes in the back this large one and a much smaller one which has the same amount of prims BUT is perfect for those with a much smaller parcel of land and only 10Lds!

Special mention to the Reindeer Decor item from…sparkly and perfect and a single prim so perfect for decorating your sim or home I didn’t take a picture of it because by that stage my slipping pointer was driving me mad.  I also forgot to unpack the Mina hair, I did say that there are some really good stuff in that pile of 10Lds gifts waiting for you.

PS I have been inspired so fluffy dice for one relative who loves his car and a tiara for the friggen Princess….Xmas Sorted!


Christmas on 34th Street


Our sim for the gifties.

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At Last !

Scarlet Creative collabor88 - NEW!

I’ve been waiting for Scarlet Creative to launch a new skyhome for simply ages, tadah – here it is! This is the “Rakkaus” sky home, and it’s totally awesome. All the features I so love are right there, the peeling plaster effect, the warm wood, all those creative touches that really make a space special and “homey” and über stylish. At just 67Li and costing only $188L its a show stealer. You can grab this at the latest round of Collabor88, there is a demo I believe also.

Scarlet Creative montage

If you touch the main window in the lounge area you get a menu for the views from all the windows. Brilliant as it means this sky home isn’t just for Winter – it’s an all year round pad. Quite a few options to keep you happy and it also means you get rid of that skyhome feel of being locked away inside – you have views !

Scarlet Creative NEW!

From the main living area there are a few steps up to a railed gallery, some of the poles have fairy lights wound around them which is just so sweet. Lots and lots of windows , so the whole build seems airy and fresh.

Scarlet Creative backgrounds

Just a handful of the window view options here for you to see, the décor panel is by Circa btw. (more info about that later)

Scarlet Creative details

And of course, a little teaser of some of the little details that always thrill me – which is why you really need to get your little paws on this and make it your home. I’m considering placing one above my land home actually, as a sort of “get away”, perhaps after Christmas ! Thanks Charlotte ❤


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I Kidd you not (Freebies).

This is my Mondays KISS and it’s a good one.  Sorry but the Freebie isn’t the house, you have to go to Dust Bunny and pay a wodge of Lindens to buy the house but the Freebies are those gorgeous star emiiters you can just about make out.


Faith and I both know the KIDD shop well because they sell some of the best low prim, sim stuffing plants, fields and garden features in SL and the prices are so reasonable and by reasonable I actually mean CHEAP! At the moment we have stunning dark stemmed bushes with bright red berries everywhere on our sim and  because the Pampas Grass I have everywhere as well also comes with a menu I have been able to change the texturing to a more wintery effect and even popping over to grab the LM I spotted some glorious and large wintery Bamboo plants and OMG 25Lds for a whole fat pack of them and even the largest one is just 2 prims I snapped it up and now I can’t wait to get back inworld to rezz rezz rezz and then rezz some more of these great plants.

Last year dop Kidd (dop.kidd) put out 2 sparkling animated star rezzer  as a gift for us and it’s back but even better because not only do you have 4 colours-gold, silver, white and also a light pale blue but I think they’re emitting even more sparkly stars.

When I got back inworld this morning I decided to re-shoot the picture of the stars in our sim setting only and Voila here they are.


For some reason I can’t upload the other pictures I took but at least in this one you can see how gorgeous these stars are and I’ve taken the picture only in our sim setting with no editing fun.   They emit the stars in a swirling pattern, perfect for placing over a special feature you want to highlight or raise them up even higher and use them as a snowy effect as they get wider at the bottom.  Best of all since each star is only a single prim then they make for a dramatic snowfall effect for any size parcel of land.  They are non copy and you get only a single copy of each colour but they’re trans which means you can send these as a lovely gift or of course keep them all for yourself….or be greedy and go grab a few boxes of them because as I said at a single prim for such a great dramatic look I could scatter them all over our sim.


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Now I get it! (Freebies/Cheapies).

I’ve read about this Marketplace “hunt” a few times but I’ve never really understood what it was about, what you were looking for, which shops were doing it and on and on until now.  Just like an inworld hunt a number of shops have hidden amongst their goodies a gift and all you have to look for is the box it’s hidden in and this is exactly the same for this Marketplace Hunt.  Something in the shops list has this treasure chest icon on its picture and that one is either Free or a Cheapie for you and now that I’ve found a list of all the shops involved in the The Marketplace Hunt what a fun thing to do if you don’t have any SLing time but plenty of surfing time.Box

If you’ve never marketplace before “are you CRAZY”! It’s so easy and since it’s a Linden Lab site then you sign up with your SL name and password but it’s 100%safe and once you create an account, log in and start shopping for some weird and wonderful and yes also some serious crap and then when you get inworld you can work on your OCD and relax unpacking, trying on keeping or bining to your heart’s content.

I’ve had a mooch at some of the items and there is definitely a mix of “weird, wonderful and even the crap” but already in the 3 random shops I checked out the one thing I’ve noticed is that they all have some bargain priced items and I’ve just popped some oversized baubles for just 3prims and 14Lds into my basket.

So here is a very handy link to the list of the shops involved in this hunt and you don’t have to have an account to go looksee but if you get tempted then this is a good time to log in and try the MP out for yourself.

The Marketplace Hunt List