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Sorry for my MIA to be honest I’ve been having a BLAST in RL and something, like my diet, had to give so I’ve not been in SL for a couple of days NOT even to grab the !gO Advent Calender gifts I’ve been that busy.

BUT I just wanted to say before the madness of the day starts, again,  I for one wish you ALL a HAPPY, HEALTHY and ultimately SAFE DAY.  Not all of us are surrounded by family or friends in a home full of lights and tinsel. piles of bills instead of piles of pressies but the good thing is that if your life isn’t working out how you think it should be then a lot of people come to a decision at this time of year to kick ass and make the changes that need to be made to make their life much more than what it is.

I’m off to change into my Christmas PJs and I’m going to have a big glass of Bailey’s and settle down to Gone With The Wind and I wish you could all be with me.  So again have a great day no matter how big or small you make it.

Suzanne (Zan).