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Honestly! (Gifts, Cheapies and New Mina Hair).

OK you’re going to have to put up with a mini rant before I do my post just so I can basically vent and then hopefully feel better for it, but of course you could just scroll by this first bit LOL.  I’m closing my business down in RL, don’t worry I’ve got a new career lined up, but it means lots of stock taking and packing tape.  I’ve just remembered that I’ve forgotten to buy 2 gifts for 2 people I don’t like and who have never liked my gifts but I have no choice but to buy them gifts, families you gotta love em! The icing on the cake is I’ve lost my mousematt which isn’t just a major deal until you are driven crazy by the lack of control of your pointer!

On the good side is that I went over to the Christmas on 34th Street and picked up a shed load of 10Ld goodies.  I’ve mentioned this event previously because everything here is Trans, but of course non copy, which means you don’t have to drag your loved one/friend over then give them the money and tell them what to buy for themselves, it takes the suprise and fun out of it.  There are some big names are here, inc Mina’s as well 🙂 and if you want to pop your pressie into a gift box then you will also notice the “wrapping stations”.  There are at least 2 of them and they’re stalls with Gift Boxes you can buy for 20Lds to pop your pressie in BUT look on the ground and at each Wrapping Station is a pile of 10Ld gifties! Although there is no picture of what they contain when you highlight them you can see whats inside each box and it’s a real good mix of clothes, make up, nails and decor items.  I clicked and grabbed a whole pile of them and so far sooooo happy.


I’ve used only my sim setting for these pictures but when I cropped this one I relabeled it “Stroppy” which is a bit how I feel this morning LOL.  The dress is the 10Ld offer from Cheeky and I LOVE this style, I have a very similar dress from another fav SL shop but in different texturing.  Check out the folds and pleats etc not a 100% sure but I’m pretty sure that it came in the mesh body sizes but if I’m wrong it also comes with the standard mesh sizing in any case.


Check out my Mug and by “Mug” I mean my face!  I’m going to SHOCK you because it’s a PumeC and I’m not that keen on it! LOL.  Actually what it is is I went over to PumeC with my fingers crossed that there was some new GG’s out but sadly there wasn’t, there was however a Gacha tempting me and so for 100Lds I took a gamble and won “Rose” she has all of the features I love of PumeC but just the 1 skin, so yes that means you get the fully packed applier and even one for a mesh head and I’m not keeping her.  The only reason I’m not keeping her, apart from the fact I have loads of PumeC skins, is because I love to layer on the make up, eyes, cheeks and esp lips but Rose has very lush and plump lips and my tats don’t cover it well enough esp when I take a lot of piccies.  So she has to go and I’ve popped her and the appliers into one of the 20Ld gift boxes set the buy it now price to Zero Lindens.  You may have to click twice on the pie menu to get the buy option but I’m pretty sure I clicked all the right boxes to set it for sale.


Thats one of the 20Ld boxes I picked up from the Christmas on 34th st event and I’ve packed “Rose” into there but the lovely and low primmed snowman and angel are gifts off Faith.  I don’t know if she has noticed but I’ve got the snowman at the foot of my house but the angel is right on the top of my house and if you check my previous post about the KIDD gift you will see the angel.


Last picture and it’s a wild one.  A new shop to me but this is a classic case of putting out a gift/discounted item can win you new clients because as soon as I rezzed this wild sparkling cloud I TPed straight over to the E.V.E shop and bought a field of amazingly ethereal and undulating mushrooms.  This cloud is BIG but still only 12 prims and it does come in 2 parts so you can just rezz half of it or even the smaller version.  Yup 2 sizes in the back this large one and a much smaller one which has the same amount of prims BUT is perfect for those with a much smaller parcel of land and only 10Lds!

Special mention to the Reindeer Decor item from…sparkly and perfect and a single prim so perfect for decorating your sim or home I didn’t take a picture of it because by that stage my slipping pointer was driving me mad.  I also forgot to unpack the Mina hair, I did say that there are some really good stuff in that pile of 10Lds gifts waiting for you.

PS I have been inspired so fluffy dice for one relative who loves his car and a tiara for the friggen Princess….Xmas Sorted!


Christmas on 34th Street


Our sim for the gifties.