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Ho Ho Ho – Into the seasonal swing


Tra la la ! It’s almost here! I’ve got all Chrissmassy this week and CIRCA have really stepped up to the festive cookie plate to bring us some gorgeous home decor. Dontcha just love the kittycatty on the cushion? Gawd I do and at just 3Li its brilliant . Chair and table with cookie plate are at the store also and the wooden Deco panel in front of the window is part of the most excellent Circa Advent calendar. You have to be a Circa group member to use the advent calendar, but Cherelle has made it free to join for a limited period, so you’re good to go. Some gifts are free, some you pay a nominal fee.

CIRCA New!!!

Whats this time of yeAr without a gloriously decorated tree? I’ve seen quite a few this year (quite literally approx 40 or so) in SL, but this one really caught my attention, various colours available and the little pile of pressies is also up for grabs.

CIRCA New Seasonal decor

More more more, I really can’t show it all as I’m supposed to be packing for my vacation – but get yourself over to the store and check it all out !


Had to get this darling little tree and couples chaise in, lovely poses inside for snuggling up in-front of a fire or admiring the snow as it falls outside – the tree is so low prim and pretty spiffy & stylish! Thanks Cherelle ❤


Circa Advent calendar