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I Kidd you not (Freebies).

This is my Mondays KISS and it’s a good one.  Sorry but the Freebie isn’t the house, you have to go to Dust Bunny and pay a wodge of Lindens to buy the house but the Freebies are those gorgeous star emiiters you can just about make out.


Faith and I both know the KIDD shop well because they sell some of the best low prim, sim stuffing plants, fields and garden features in SL and the prices are so reasonable and by reasonable I actually mean CHEAP! At the moment we have stunning dark stemmed bushes with bright red berries everywhere on our sim and  because the Pampas Grass I have everywhere as well also comes with a menu I have been able to change the texturing to a more wintery effect and even popping over to grab the LM I spotted some glorious and large wintery Bamboo plants and OMG 25Lds for a whole fat pack of them and even the largest one is just 2 prims I snapped it up and now I can’t wait to get back inworld to rezz rezz rezz and then rezz some more of these great plants.

Last year dop Kidd (dop.kidd) put out 2 sparkling animated star rezzer  as a gift for us and it’s back but even better because not only do you have 4 colours-gold, silver, white and also a light pale blue but I think they’re emitting even more sparkly stars.

When I got back inworld this morning I decided to re-shoot the picture of the stars in our sim setting only and Voila here they are.


For some reason I can’t upload the other pictures I took but at least in this one you can see how gorgeous these stars are and I’ve taken the picture only in our sim setting with no editing fun.   They emit the stars in a swirling pattern, perfect for placing over a special feature you want to highlight or raise them up even higher and use them as a snowy effect as they get wider at the bottom.  Best of all since each star is only a single prim then they make for a dramatic snowfall effect for any size parcel of land.  They are non copy and you get only a single copy of each colour but they’re trans which means you can send these as a lovely gift or of course keep them all for yourself….or be greedy and go grab a few boxes of them because as I said at a single prim for such a great dramatic look I could scatter them all over our sim.