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Lazy and busy and FREEBIES.

WOW it’s SNOWING in RL, ok very wet snow which will have gone in about half an hour once it stops but at this moment I’m snuggled up in front of the fire with some Christmas music playing in the background and outside my window pretty snow is falling.  The small things in RL are always the best things.

OK a lazy post because I took a day off work yesterday to do my big Christmas shop and today once I click “Publish” I have to do some RL catch up work, no work no pay no pay no cat food!


Sadly yesterday I was so short of time not only didn’t I get time to do the FLF I didn’t even have time to log in and grab the !gO Advent Calender gift!  So the first thing I did when I logged in today was rush over to !gO and snag todays Advent Calender gift which is this absolutely gorgeous woolie. So if you haven’t joined the 50Ld group which gets you not just some amazing gifts but also a regular monthly GG and a slashed priced item in the New Releases they DO IT!  Pretty please and remember Men there is still a big pile of pressies waiting for you as well.

The completely Free Freebies I’m not showing you cos it’s a surprise.  I finally managed to squeeze my tiny AV ass into The Arcade and of course I went a bit crazy and now have a whole load of things I don’t really need or want, look out for a later post when I will be setting them out for people to pop over to our sim to snag some Freebies off us, BUT I snagged ALL of the gifts under the tree in the middle of the event as well.  I know a lot of us now wait for the Arcade  goodies to hit the Yardsales but now that the Arcade has finally calmed down it’s time to go there grab some quality freebies and also treat yourself to a gamble on one of the arcades and just have a pleasant time.

Special mention for the hair.  Not only because it’s a Mina’s but equally it’s at an Shopping event which should have been up and running for many Christmases.  I’m talking about the Christmas on 34th Street Event. the special thing about this event is that everything is TRANS! so finally you can gift buy without having to drop the shop owner a note or drag your loved one to the shop and then send them the money so they can buy the gift! Poor Faith rarely gets a pressie off me and she’s so good at buying me a pressie I even know she has one in her home for me (but I can’t peek at it until Christmas day)  but this year I might finally find something for her from this event which I can buy and tuck it away under her tree.  I may even buy her this Mina hair!  PS this hair is called Nell and I have another one which I’ve not shown you yet, sorry sorry sorry I seem to be saying sorry so much recently but RL always takes president LOL.  The other hair which I cannot for the life of me remember what it’s called but I do remember it is very similar with a perfectly fitted knitted cap but the colour huds offer different shades and unlike Nell which has a bit of length and movement to it the other knitted hat hair was shorter and straighter.  I must get some simple head shots done because I’ve got 3 of them because Mina Nakamura had been burning the midnight oil again to get out so many new hairs I can hardly keep up but I will also put the link to her mainshop as she usually has the pictures and LM givers for all the events where she is showcasing her new hairs and you can try the demos on in her shop and if you like what you see then pop over to see them for yourself and not have to wait for me to pull my lazy finger out of my ass.

Just a reminder that although the 34th Street Event isn’t a Gacha sale event trans items are of course non copy.  I’ve had a brief look at whats on sale and make sure you’re purchasing the item you want ie some of the non trans items are cheaper than the trans items.


The Arcade (Check under the Christmas Tree)

Christmas on 34th Street

Mina Mainshop