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Do this!

Get yer arses over to !gO and join the group NOW!  because for a measly 50Lds you get a regular monthly Group Gift and also one of the regular New Releases has a particular colour which is discounted for Group Members and I know for a fact that both I and Faith rushed over to grab last months and I do belive there is another New Release out which I haven’t checked to see but I sure as heck will be.

The other good reason to join the !gO group is because of the AMAZING Advent Calender gifts.  I’m so sorry that I’ve not mentioned them before because sadly once the day has gone that gift has as well BUT if you pop over every day from now till the BIG DAY you can still grab 15 amazing top quality excellent gifties and a real nice touch is that there is a whole pile of Advent Calender for MEN!  Men in SL do get a tendency to be overlooked so to see such a big pile of pressies for then will be much appreciated.


I’m so sorry but the trousers I’m wearing are now packed up and put away! however the top is todays Advent Calender gift so RUN don’t walk for this great top and again since there is another 15 days of goodies waiting to be snagged I’m pretty sure there is going to be another pair of pants and a lot of what I have been able to grab from !gO seems to be textured to mix and match you’re going to end up with some wonderful additions to your invent for only the 50Lds joining fee.

PS I’m still trying to work my way through the POE8 Hunt but I’m failing so badly but check out the Link because you may do better than me for Freebies.


POE8 Hints “N” LMs