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You don’t need me.(Freebie).

I’m back from an amazing weekend away where I have stuffed my face like an out of control piggie, I also took a couple of SL and RL work days off to get all my sparkly Christmas tat out of the attic and I’ve been sprinkling the Cosmetic Glitter like Tinkerbell on Crack and now I can start to relax and get back to normal.


I think most SLers will have worked out now that this is definitely the season of goodwill with the amount of hunts and advent calendars that are going on at this moment, almost too many to count but one of the BIGGEST is the POE8 which stands for Peace on Earth and the 8 is the fact that this has become a SL tradition that is now into its 8th year.   Because I have to now catch up with RL work I’m going to be super lazy and do this hunt because not only will it inc stunning gifts but it comes with such handy and easy to follow hints and I will show you all my goodies over the next few posts but of course you can follow the link given and try it out for yourself.

Sorry I actually took this picture 2 days ago but I’m only just getting around to doing this post now but from what I remember of Mirror Mirror is that it’s a really small shop with a tiny selection of clothes but they stood out because they’re not the run of the mill, more designer boutique than stack em high sell em cheap sort of shop.

PS I’m only going to mention the Mina hair not because it’s new or discounted but it’s one of the unusual hairs that Mina has created, a touch of dramatic and a bit of retro chucked in.

Mirror Mirror

Peace On Earth Hunt 8 Hints “n” Landmarks