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Classy as F***.

I’m actually looking for a dress similar to this in RL, maybe not as sequined as this one is but that shading will make any shape look “VavaVoom”.  This was sent to me by Ever Wonder and I wanted so badly to find out more about it I actually stood and cammed and scanned around her shop for about 15 mins before the light bulb went off over my head and I checked the folder it came in! DOH this can only be found at this moment at the lastest round of Designer Showcase. Not only is it reasonably priced at 120Ld for a colour pack, you also get a 3 colour Hud with it and you get so many sizes for SLink, Maitreya, standard, fitmesh etc so basically a fit for all shapes and sizes.


There is a pink version this red one and the check out the next picture for not only the 3rd shade but the detailing on the back.


Just because these were sent to me DOESN’T mean Ever Wonder expects me to blog them I only blog something when that something just grabs me and I love the womanly curves this dress gives you.  When I get back inworld to LM grab I’m going to change the dress colour back to the red to match the towering stilettos I’m tottering around on and I’m going to have a proper look at this event because you never know apart from some other bargains there might also be some good quality freebies because after all it “is the season of giving” LOL.

There is a really good freebie here but I’m not showing it only because I’ve just grabbed it when I popped back for the LM, you have to join the Free Designer Showcase group to grab a really good set of SLink/Maitreya basic nail colours.

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