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OH Dear! (Cute Freebie).

So I unpacked and tried on all my new found freebies and cheapies and “Oh Dear” ended up binning the lot of em BUT although I didn’t feel they were good enough to show you I grabbed a few of the LM’s for shops new to me and you never know I might find something that has a Woo factor.


Just chillin with my friend here.  Not sure why it should have such a grumpy face for such a cute rabbit.  You have 2 shade options, brown and light grey and a choice of heads, eyes blinking not blinking etc and I’m wearing a blinking version.  This is such an easy AV to wear because although you do have to detatch any mesh bits like hands and feet the Rabbit is just an Alpha, shape, mesh body and then you can choose which head to wear.  Although he/she comes nekkid! this time you can opt to buy some clothes and I personally was so tempted by the Christmas sweater and bag, adorable and I think the price for the clothes is 99Lds so not unreasonable at all and if they’re standard Coco quality then they will be good.

For a lot of us as soon as you see this Rabbit AV you will know exactly where it has come from because it’s now almost a tradition that Cocoro Lemon sets out a Rabbit as a Christmas Gift for all in her shop Coco Designs.  This year it’s set outside of the shop but if you haven’t by now then go inside of the shop and check out the Free GG’s in fact when I return I will just in case there is a new GG set out for us but I doubt it as it wasn’t that long since there was a new one but it’s well worth a check.  Of course to get to the Freebies you have to walk past all the tempting clothes that Cocoro Lemon designs, unique designs with great texturing and so tempting!

Coco Designs Rabbit

Coco Designs Mainshop (if you dare)

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