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I must be MAD(pea).

I went into full panic mode yesterday when I realised that time was running out to finish the AMAZING and FUSTRATING Madpea Peatonville Asylum inworld game.  So I hunted high and low and managed to find many of the missing items and all I can say is Thank Goodness for “the kindness of strangers” because without them I would haven’t been able to complete this hunt and this was a paid for hunt so I would have lost the Lindens I spent.


Look what I won, a frigging T-shirt and a trophy! OK I kid and now I have a folder STUFFED with STUFF from some of the biggest shops, and smaller ones of course, in SL.  This hunt is now over as of today, if you still have some items to find I strongly suggest you join the Madpea group and send out those SOS’s!

The point of this post isn’t to show off my Trophy but to say Thanks to all of you who help a “Noob” or a fellow hunter or even just another SLer who loves a bargain or can’t find something they want.  I have 2 folders in my invent one market “Donate” and one marked “Free LM’s” I even have a note which explains the basics about SL ie rezzing, sandboxes, AO’s etc and it costs nothing to help someone by giving a LM for somewhere they can get themselves some free goodies or link them to a website, dare I say OURS, which hopefully helps people make their SL time more fun and productive.

Even as a long time user of SL I am so grateful when I call for help and people step up so if you see someone struggling then just say “Hi” it costs nothing.

OK Don’t panic cos I’ve scored a whole load of Free/cheap goodies so normal “cheapness” off me will be in my next post.