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Squeeeeeze (Freebie n Black Friday).

I for one have completely ignore Black Friday both in RL and SL, too poor to even snag a bargain, but on my travels yesterday I popped over to Dimbula Rose and found not only some beautiful sim decor items but when I used the TP to the next level a cute “ginger” and since I was already wearing one of the ginger/blonde shades of Mina hair I popped home and took a quick snap.


The skins at Dimbula Rose are very girlish and Kawaii and that includes the boys skins LOL.  As I was re checking the place out I also one of the skins from the 3 LBs on the ground floor.

The “orange” skin has also given me an excuse to SCREAM get over to Mina’s as this is one of many shops that is involved in The Black Friday Sales and WOW 50% off what looks like the whole stock so this is the time to get over there and grab some real treats.

Whilst you’re there you may also notice a notice board which when clicked will give you the link for the Avi Choice Awards and it’s time to let your voice be heard, of course in the “Favourite Female Hair Designer” and not forgeting the “Favourite Male Hair Designer” section I’m going to recommend you click Mina’s tag.  I won’t rave on again as to why I think she deserves a pat on the back but she does and even if you chose someone else then that’s OK as well.  I don’t think that sometimes we give creators the acknowledgement of all their hard work so every click they get is like a pat off the back.  Of course the list is for more than just hair there is a whole raft of categories inc some of the biggest to smallest names and we all love to click boxes.

Avi Choice Awards (favourites in a Virtual World)

Mina Mainshop

Dimbula Rose

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