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Found it! (&Freebies).

I searched for a “wintery” sim to take a picture of my new Free Dress in and found a stunning sim but more about that after I tell you about the dress and the small cart sale it came from.


This cart sale is called the “Get That Cart Sale” and each cart has a heart-shaped giftie waiting to be snagged and of course I snagged, snagged and snagged some more and then I actually spent some Lindens on a gorgeous pair of Glass Slippers.  This dress is from the Dru Wear cart and comes in a cute wearable Dinosaur delivery system but it wouldn’t unpack so I simply rezzed it on the ground and unpacked it the standard way.  However this meant that everything ended up in my “object” folder rather than unpacking into its own named folder.  No big issue to simply create a folder and drop and drag the goodies into it.  I also hate to mention that the Alpha layer either didn’t unpack or wasn’t there but again that was no biggie as I simply used one from a similar outfit and we ALL have plenty of Alphas now LOL.  Worth the minor bother simply because this dress GLOWS in some windlight settings.  If you want to stand out then this dress is whats going to do that for you.  Comes with not just the standard sizes but also the metal spiked armlets, a choker and that band on the top of the dress is also a spiked band.


So when I first TPed to this sim I knew I was going to be here for a while happily killing time and pinching ideas for our own sim.  The first picture is in the large Ballroom which is beautifully decorated with dining tables, balloons, Xmas trees, dance Huds etc all so tasteful and elegant.  The whole sim isn’t just beautifully landscaped it’s also “skyscaped” so lots of flutter snow and spotd of lights dancing around just lovely.


This is a no flying zone which in a way is good as it forces you to roam around and admire all the hard work, imagination and yes also a heck of a lot of money that has gone into making this a stunning place for anyone and everyone to visit.  There are places where you can pop a few Lindens in to say “Thanks” and if you can you should.  I don’t think any group or person who goes out of their way to make such a place for everyone to use ever expects to get enough donations to cover a fraction of the cost but sometimes knowing that people have donated even just a small amount is just nice to know that people have appreciated it.


FOUND IT!  This is going to be my new home or rather my old home because I actually already have this Laq Cottage in my invent and I’m pretty sure that I also have the add-on pack of snow as well and if I remember correctly all of that will still come to less prims that the house I have up now so more primmy prim prims for me to rezz more Xmas deccies.


I’ve taken all the pictures just using the sim setting and no photo editing at all, apart from a simple frame of course, just to show you how easy on the eye this setting is and if you want to come and snap some of your own pictures but don’t feel confident about it then this sim offers you not just the perfect lighting but also all of the places with seating and pose ball and dance balls etc.  I almosty

Get That Cart Sale

“Let it snow” sim