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Limbo Gal (Freebies).

I’ve been on my platform rezzing house, cottage, town house, hovel, skybox, hut “n” shed out of my invent because even though the house I use in SL is pretty new I want one covered in SNOW…breaks into song “let it snow let it snow let it SNOWWWW”, can you tell I work from home?  But even when I find my dream snowy SL house my little craft house will be staying.  I even have a craft room in RL but I don’t craft I just hide in there and pretend to make things.

OK enough waffling, I WANT this dress in RL although my RL one would have 3/4 lenght sleeves.  I know the pattern screams hot tropical summer the but shape it gives your AV is pure Vavavoom and I’ve been on a Xmas diet and I’ve got my Spanx bought and if I could look half as curvaceous as my AV I would be so happy.


You can almost see in the texturing the panelling that goes into this style of body con dress.  Just love it and I’m going to be keeping it because with the Mina hair I used in my last post and the 25Lds Gacha glasses I also mentioned in my last post about the Una Discount sale I think I look fricken SEXY!….and of course a PumeC skin also helps.


DOH no wonder these Freebies/Group Gifts are so good they come from Shoenique Designs!   Where you land you will see a TP board to the different departments and of course you will find these and the rest of the goodies in the Freebie/Group section BUT don’t ignore the 10Ld department.  A whole wall of shoes and outfits for just 10Lds and I know that most of the outfits aren’t mesh but check out the shoes esp if you don’t have mesh feet.  Shoenique shoes came mainly with their own inbuild mesh feet and they were one of the few non SLink mesh feet where I could actually get a really good skin match so if you want the SLink feet look but not the price tag snagging some of the 10Lds one and giving a good of the skin matching is a great way to get the look and practice for a token price.

Shoenique Designs

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