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Kisses for sale.

Mondays kiss is this sheer, and there is also a non sheer version, little dress from Una.  Love that ruffle down the side and ruffle flower on the shouler.  As I’ve said this comes with a non sheer version as well.  There seems to be a big discount sale going on at Una’s I think there is a bit of a clear out for hopefully NEW stuff.  Although I don’t blog Una items often if you were to ask me where to go for “silks, slavewear, veils, weapons, leather and lace then I would give them the LM for Una’s but even if this isn’t your sort of style don’t let that put you off as I’ve a

Una is well known for silks, slave wear, nip flashing, weapon wearing, fairies, fay folk etc but do not let that put you off if that’s not your style because there is something here for everyone.


When I went back to LM grab I decided to have another look out and discovered that if you go outside the 2 other Una shops just outside are also selling discounted items and lucky for me I played one of the 25Lds Gachas and won a great pair of glasses and I’m going to use them in my next picture as they look that good.

DOH sorry I forgot to point out that I am wearing a  lovely flower in my hair but at this angle you can’t see it and what I’m not wearing is the arm bracelets and matching choker that all come in the pack.  I would have needed to make the jewelry smaller for my skinny AV and there is instructions on how to do this but I just didn’t have the time to do that so they’re lovely little bonuses.


Una Outlet Shop