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Say no more (Freebies n New Mina’s).

I think Faith has said all that is needed to be said but the French like us Brits are a resilient bunch and no terrorists will ever win.

I’m starting off with this simple knitted wool dress, great fit, great texture and easy to wear.


This deep V back is such a nice touch.


I also grabbed the SLink shoes because you know me I can never resist a fine pair of new shoes.


The goodies didn’t end there because you also get this very cropped knitted wrap over jumper.  If I remember correctly you didn’t even have to join the group to grab.  I’ve been a bit busy these past few days so I simply grabbed and ran in this shop but I’ll be heading back to see what else is there if this is the quality of the Freebies then the rest should be excellent.

XXXDuskurb4 I also did a quick change of hair as well and of course it’s a Mina’s.  “Alex” comes with such a variety of not just hat texturing but you also have a choice of hair, so basically you can have the hat alone, hat with a fringe (or Bangs) hair just at the nape of the neck or fringe and neck at the same time.  I have blogged this hair before but since it’s hat wearing time a good excuse to show it off again as well as this new one.


This is the New Mina hair and it’s only available @The Hairology event.  Sorry the LM won’t take you direct to the Mina stall but this is a nicely sized event, not to big you end up missing seeing everything and not to small it’s not worth going over to check it out.

Now for a BIG PLUG because I think she really deserves it.  You may have spotted a few plugs for The Avi Choice Awards (favourites in a virtual world), if you click the link it will take you to the site and there is a whole selection of categories, designers, shops, models, blogs etc and you can click to have your vote count.  Nice to see you don’t even have to register to be able to vote. Of course I’ve ticked the Mina box TWICE because she is not only well-known for great women’s hair but her mens/unisexed selection is almost as big as the ladies and there are 2 categories for male and female hair.     So why Mina hair?  Hair in SL like skin, shape, AO’s etc can be very personal and you have to be able to “relate” to how your AV looks and to me Mina hair is not only how I would like my hair to look in RL I have actually used an image of a Mina hair and styled my own to match and it looked so good even my friends said how they liked how my hair looked that day.  That doesn’t mean to say that she doesn’t come out with some hairs which have you going “ooo I didn’t expect that”.  Also the colours she uses, I usually stick to the browns but she isn’t afraid to use the whole colour palettes and as for her “gingers” I adore them and only wish I was brave enough to become a Ginger in RL.  Last but not least is the mens/unisexed hair which I think is something that’s like a second thought with most designers but Mina now has a men’s department almost as big as the ladies but even better is that so many of the mens hair is just as good on female AVs.  It doesn’t matter what I’m doing in SL as soon as a Mina hair comes out I have to open it straight away, I may not post about it straight away but just the thrill of getting a hair which I know is going to look good gives me a little perk.

I also know a little bit about Mina herself in that she’s a normal lady just trying to make a living which will support her and her children and to be able to do this and make creations which help your “creation” look as good as it does it such a boost.

BUT I’m not 100% Biased here because I have so many hairs from all the designers big and small in SL and I love them all and yet I always end up wearing a Mina even just in my SL mooching because when you’re AV looks good your RL feels good LOL.

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