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Deliberate (Freebie).

I’m wearing the hair I decided to treat myself to from the last post and I deliberately didn’t try to edit out the plait that has slightly disapeared into my shoulder because thats what happens to hair in SL.  I still haven’t gone back to grab any others but if I have any free SL time later today I certainly will be.


This is the  Novembers Group Gift  from Sandies Saenz’s shop FA Creations, you actually get this great jumper and midi shirt combo.  They come as seperates which I have to be honest and say I’m going to ditch the skirt, I have way too many, but I’m keeping the top for sure as as soon as I took this picture I changed the skirt into jeans and just like RL it makes a great look.

I blogged about  FA Creations just recently because they have a new range of high necked sweaters which are not only great texturing/fit etc but only 99Lds for a 4 colour pack.  A lot of the items in this shop are not only reasonably priced but also come with colour changing huds inc which gives you even more value for your Lindens.

FA Creations

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