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Itsssss Fifty Linden Friday !

FLF Valentina .E complete outfit $50L ! elikatira Miya Hair NEW!

Oh ohohohohh you so have to go grab this adorable outfit from Valnetina E. Its all one piece so no faffing about required. I’m wearing it over my Slink Physique mesh body, so as you can see its a great fit. In the box is a Slink size, a fitmesh size and the usual standard mesh crew . Other colours are available at full price, this beautiful grey is the fifty Linden offer. Newwww hair too! By Elikatira and called Miya, you can nab this at the latest round of Shiny Shabby – over and out, off to the shops ❤


Shiny Shabby

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Top Notch Free gifts!


Free SKIN - 7 TONES !

It must be my birthday, I woke up to two stunning free gifts! Actually it IS my birthday – yay me ! First up is this gorgeous skin in ALL tones from Laq, called “Camille”, there’s seven tones in total so there should be something you can use. For some reason I happened to  have all the appliers for LAQ already, but you can buy them in store for a very reasonable price. Very easy to wear with a delicate bloom to the cheek area and a light dusting of freckles. Might have to fiddle with the eyebrows a bit as they are a tad too dark for me in this tone, just join the group (its free) and grab your goodies. (There is also the shape included in this and its modify woohoo! I’m wearing my usual shape as I didn’t have time to alter it to my prefs)

Free outfit & tights

My dress and stockings are also a free gift – these are from G Field. I must pop over there and have a mooch, I’ve always liked their gear! Anywayyyy, you get this sweet skeleton dress and matching tights, it comes with appliers for Slink & Maitreya for the tight and regular layers for non mesh body wearers. Lovely bonus that there’s a box for the flatter chested amongst us ! This was sent by the subscriber, so pop over , join it and then look in the history – should be there!



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A dash of Spooky and lubbly jubblies

Aphrodite Heart Homes NEW!!

Aphrodite & Heart Homes have this rather splendid wedding cakes up for grabs at the new round of Tres Chic. I have to admit I absolutely adore both styles of cake. They deliver a slice and fork upon touch and are utterly g o r g e o u s just to gaze at. Very Goth, very beautiful and also Low prim ! Personally I think they would work for a birthday or any type of celebration, neither are overly “weddingy”, so a very flexible purchase!

Aphrodite Heart Homes BDR NEW

The chairs are also on sale, and OMG you have to try these out ! Packed with sitting, eating poses etc – BUT BUT BUT another menu with some totally hilarious “horror” animations, head spinning, rocking, tied up – it’s all there, brilliant ! Btw, the table and items on it are on sale at the main Aphrodite Store, the candelabra actually rocks and levitates , and the little spider walks around its web – super sweet.

Aphrodite Heart Homes NEW

The other style of cake is really drop dead good looking too…and above I’m showing the other version of the chair – uhm this is the Goth I think.

Beautiful Dirty Rich NEW!

My dress worn throughout is by Beautiful Dirty Rich and is called “Magical Night”, it uses both mesh and appliers to give a sultry clingy look and heaps of cleavage of course. This comes in a multitude of colours to choose from and is suitable for TMP, Maitreya ,Slink, baby bump & Omega. The gorgeous shoes are also included for a steal of $180 single colours or $690L fat pack of all seven !

Lubbly Jubblies

Tres Chic

Aphrodite main store

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Halloween special offer ($99L)


Aris Aris have a fantastic outfit that should fit your dress up needs for Halloween. This is “Angel of Avernus” and it comes in 5 standard mesh sizes, plus two optional flexi bits for the bottom. I’m wearing it over my Slink Physique mesh body, so as you can see it works pretty nicely. (staff I am holding is not included btw)


Heres a little more detailed look, I think the windlight setting I was using makes the fabric look a little shiny – it isn’t! The wingos are astonishingly well done, as you all know by now – I’m not a gown type a gal – but if I get the chance to attend anything this Halloween – this is what I’m gonna wear ! All for the low price of $99L.

ArisAris Store

ArisAris marketplace

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Wow Factor (inc a Wow Freebie).

First the non Freebie,  to think I almost didn’t put “Blair” on because I’d already done a male/unisexed hair but I couldn’t resist and WOW this has to be one of Mina’s more outlandish hairs but yet again how good does this look?  XXXBlair

I took so many pictures of this hair and all the shades I had and in the end I went with the brown but in all the shades it looked stunning.  Check out the shade Mina uses in her poster blue/purple it’s pretty darn…no not going to use the “S” word again LOL.  Honestly I know I repeat myself so much but I just love her hairs they suit not just me but anyone who wears them so much.  Her hair is like a lot of the top brands you can spot people wearing them.

This hair is only available @The Tres Chic event.  I did this last time and was looking forward to the new stuff.  A lovely elegant shopping mall with stalls of new and fresh designs, poses, decor items and a cute GG of a quality bag what more can you want?


OK Now for a Freebie and this had another WOW factor and not just because it’s a Freebie but for its quality.  In my last post I showed you a teaser of a sky globe and hidden inside is a detailed and Sci Fi home/workplace/RP building

OK at first a bit of a weird shot but let me explain, although from the inside the walls are opaque from outside they become transparent.  This shot is pretty good at showing you the whole layout.  Outside of the build is a rocky moon platform and the dome around gives this a very remote feeling.  The main body of the build has 2 distinct areas, the completely grey walled area and one with the pink colouring.  Top left corner is me just hiding there to give you some idea of the sizes.  This is a BIG build but not a massive one.


The doors to the entrance tunnels opens and so do the windows but you can’t walk outside on the surface of the moon however simply rezz a prim stretch it to make a platform turn it invisible and it means you can even use the outside.


I did play with Windlight and although the Windlight setting does change the inside its subtle but to show off the texturing and quality this is taken in my Nams setting. You can see some hidden lights, a modern ornament or 2 and some shelves already there.  XXXSpacestation5

Room with a view.  Sorry I forgot to prim check but I believe it’s around the 50prim mark and it is editable but I’ve not tried it and I’m not sure what you would want to change about it but I’ve just had an idea! There is no reason you cannot remove the globe and actually set this on the ground.

To get this space station, home, RP you need to go to the Geeks “N” Nerds event.  The LM given will take you directly to the Isil shop and this amazing freebie is on the back wall but I get you cave in like I did and try your hand at the Zeppelin Gacha.  I haven’t had time to unpack mine but I know I won an “uncommon” which I’m assuming is another way of saying rare LOL.  There are a couple of other space themed builds here for sale and once I get turned around I’m popping over to Isil’s mainshop to check out their stock.  I always think that when a place gives away such a quality build then can you imagine how good their paid for items are?  As it happens if you want a bit of spacey furniture then there is a selection here as well but again I’m going to guess that the mainshop will have much more.

I’ve given you the direct LM to the Isil shop on the Geeks “N” Nerds sim but I did spot a couple of other freebies, check out Izzies and Neverwish, and there maybe more but I’m not going to gie you the LMs.  You need to go and enjoy this shopping sim.  A lot of time and effort has been made into designing this to make it extra special with lots of clothes, decor etc items and it would be a shame to just TP in grab and run.

Tres Chic



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She’s at it again! New Mina Hair.

I really like to mix up my post so not to have too many of the same things post after post after post and there is no pressure for me to post anything I get but Mina Nakamura has been working overtime and I’m Wowed by them.  I’m also wowed or is that “overwowed” by so many events and hunts going on at this moment but DO NOT MISS the  Geeks “n” Nerds event.  The shopping mall has been designed to look like a futuristic space station.  Well laid out and some of the top designers in SL have stalls there.  Just a quality build and a great way to see SL shopping at it’s finest.


Considering the theme of this event is “Geeks “n” Nerds” Mina’s hair is perfect in its Nerdiness, not too young not too old this one is called Edith and since I was already rocking the freckles I stuck to a red hair but there whole range of colour packs are there to choose from.


Don’t let the “Nerds and Geek” title put you off  if you’re thinking of schoolish thing this shopping event is packed with some fresh new space age and retro clothes, shoes, homes, props, poses etc so basically something for everyone.  I even won an adorable Chameleon and a Zeppelin from Gachas there.  However here is a teaser for a FREEBIE!  You can either go there and have a good look around or wait till my next post where I will show you more pictures and even give you the LM but also show you another Mina hair but this one absolutely WOWed me.

PS the LM  will take you direct to Mina’s stand.

Geeks N Nerds