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She’s at it again! New Mina Hair.

I really like to mix up my post so not to have too many of the same things post after post after post and there is no pressure for me to post anything I get but Mina Nakamura has been working overtime and I’m Wowed by them.  I’m also wowed or is that “overwowed” by so many events and hunts going on at this moment but DO NOT MISS the  Geeks “n” Nerds event.  The shopping mall has been designed to look like a futuristic space station.  Well laid out and some of the top designers in SL have stalls there.  Just a quality build and a great way to see SL shopping at it’s finest.


Considering the theme of this event is “Geeks “n” Nerds” Mina’s hair is perfect in its Nerdiness, not too young not too old this one is called Edith and since I was already rocking the freckles I stuck to a red hair but there whole range of colour packs are there to choose from.


Don’t let the “Nerds and Geek” title put you off  if you’re thinking of schoolish thing this shopping event is packed with some fresh new space age and retro clothes, shoes, homes, props, poses etc so basically something for everyone.  I even won an adorable Chameleon and a Zeppelin from Gachas there.  However here is a teaser for a FREEBIE!  You can either go there and have a good look around or wait till my next post where I will show you more pictures and even give you the LM but also show you another Mina hair but this one absolutely WOWed me.

PS the LM  will take you direct to Mina’s stand.

Geeks N Nerds